Why I am done with my Fairphone and bought an Iphone

I focus on being positive on this blog. I share mostly positive accomplishments and positive news. I want to stay positive, we can heal this world so to say. Yet, there is need to be critical. Of myself, but also of initiatives sometimes. This is necessary to keep this blog critical, but also honest. And that’s why I am posting a rather negative post here today. I have decided to sell my Fairphone and I bought a refurbished Iphone X. Continue reading “Why I am done with my Fairphone and bought an Iphone”

The Most Sustainable Phone: The Fairphone

Yes people, the day has come. *Drums roll*. I have bought a new phone! New? Yes, entirely new. This is something that I almost never do since it’s not the most sustainable, zero waste or minimalistic option. Then why did I buy this new phone? That’s what I’ll be telling you today. Why did I buy a Fairphone?

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