The Relationship Between Fast Fashion and Feminism

I think all people are secretly feminists. Feminists want equal rights for all genders. I mean, who doesn’t want equal rights for everybody? Some people think of something dirty when they hear the word feminist. I don’t understand this. And also, calling yourself a feminist is just the very beginning. It’s the first step and after that you can evolve your mindset and learn more. But feminism isn’t just about your values. It’s about actions too. Today I want to talk about feminism and it’s relationship to fast fashion.

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Weekly diary #91: I won tickets for the Biggest Little Farm!

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary! In this diary I want to show you what an eco-positive life, or an attempt to, looks like on a daily basis, because eco-positive might seem a bit overwhelming at first. What do I do on a daily basis to create the least harm and the best positive impact on this planet? The past week I had a wedding party, went out to dinner again and won tickets for ‘The Biggest Little Farm’! Want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #91: I won tickets for the Biggest Little Farm!”

Weekly diary #75: Recycling my broken handball?

Hi there! Welcome into my weekly diary in which I want to show you how I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle. The past week wasn’t so stunning I guess. I worked, worked and volunteered at the Food Bank. Well. Let’s dive into that! Continue reading “Weekly diary #75: Recycling my broken handball?”