Have I lived eco-positive the past year? 2019/2020

It’s time! It’s time for the big moment I (and you hopefully) have been waiting for! It’s time to measure again. Time to measure whether I have lived within the earth’s capacity the past year. This year is the third time I will measure my impact and I am keen to see how I did. Have I lived eco-positive the past year?

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A guide on how to ditch the plane

This time of the year people are starting to plan their summer holidays again. Yet, flying has been under a lot of attention the last couple of years. It’s a way of travelling that is so environmentally destructive, it’s insane. Flying is very harmful in the climate change crisis, but there’s one aspect of it that makes it a hard subject: it’s non-replaceable. For all the transportation means, there are sustainable alternatives. We have electric cars, busses and trains. We don’t have electrical planes. That’s why I swore off the plane for now. It’s just not sustainable. How I live without flying? Here’s my approach.

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Weekly diary #29: J’étais à Paris

Hi, here I am again with a super luxurious weekly diary! Last year the weekly diary wasn’t exactly finished because I went to Paris. This week it is! The past week I visited Disneyland, donated blood and discovered more of Paris! Want to read along?

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