How to go vegan

How do you switch to a vegan/plant-based diet? This is a question I get asked a lot in real life and when recently someone asked me I realized: I’ve never written anything about this. That’s a sin, because such a post would be so convenient to refer these people to. This way I provide a detailled overview. So today it is finally a here: a guide on how to go vegan*.

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5 vegan sandwich fillings I personally love

In our society it is quite normal to eat animal products on your sandwich every single day. A sandwich with only cheese (and butter sometimes) is a typical Dutch lunch or snack. And so, when you make the switch to a plant-based diet you are confronted with this habit. I would say peanut butter and jam are two of the few alternatives in a typical Dutch cabinet. But eating peanut butter every day can get boring and so it’s time to look beyond. That’s why today I am proposing 5 vegan sandwich fillings I personally love. Continue reading “5 vegan sandwich fillings I personally love”

Must watch about veganism: Vegucated (and 5 tips from me)

My past week has evolved around one thing: eating vegan. Right now I’m in the transitioning period from vegetarian to vegan and so I’m learning a lot. I call myself a proud vegan already! A while ago I saw a documentary about this subject and the transitioning period and so today I want to share it. I’m talking about: Vegucated.

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