Documentary: Knock Down the House

Unfortunately, in 2022, women are still underrepresented in politics worldwide. Of course the numbers differ strongly per country, but when I look at my own country I am still very disappointed. In the House of Representatives in the Netherlands (‘de Tweede Kamer’), we currently have 57 women. That’s 38%, because there are 150 seats. Therefore, we need hope. That’s why today I am sharing the documentary: Knock Down the House.

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Je Geld of Je Leven

Now that I have a full-time job, I have more money than I ever had in my life. I am so privileged that I have a stable income. In this phase of life, most people use that money to buy expensive things for themselves, a car, a house, phones, etc. Most people adapt their lifestyle to their salary. Today I want to tell you about a book that may inspire you to make different choices than most people. Today I want to tell you about the book Je Geld of Je Leven, written by Hanneke van Veen and Rob van Eeden.

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4 Podcast Tips – May 2022

It’s May again. And apparently, that means that I share some podcast tips on this blog. I’ve been looking into my archive and I noticed that I shared podcast tips in May 2020 and May 2021 (and once in November 2021, but I’ll just ignore that off day haha). Now that it’s May 2022 I’ll keep the tradition going. Today I’ll share 4 podcast tips (from May 2022) with you.

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Series: POSE

It’s been a while, but today I am sharing a must watch with you again. A series I’ve been hooked on from the very beginning, but which has ended recently. I am bummed that the series has come to an ending, I want more. I am sharing the series today because it’s simply amazing, but also because I think this series is important, socially speaking. Today I am telling you more about the series: POSE.

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Destroying CO2 with Carbon Killer

I hear a lot of people around me complaining about the role of industry in this climate crisis. Why should we individuals change when industry just keeps on polluting? Earlier I wrote a post on why we shouldn’t think like that and that we all have a role in this crisis. But even if you disagree and think industry should change and not us individuals, I have something exciting to share. Today I am telling you about: destroying CO2 with Carbon Killing.

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Beperkt Houdbaar by Sunny Bergman

This weekend I had an interesting chat with housemates. We discussed plastic surgery. So many different opinions were out there and I love that. Looking at the different perspectives I felt like there was an underlying subject to this discussion: the appearances of women. It remembered me of a documentary I have seen which discusses this matter from different perspectives. I hadn’t shared it here yet. That changes today, since I’m sharing ‘Beperkt Houdbaar’ by Sunny Bergman with you.

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4 Podcast Tips – November 2021

So far I’ve shared 8 podcast tips with you. 4 here and 4 here. However, I currently have 65 podcasts on my list! I am obviously not listening to all of them at the same time, but all of them are important to me. And since I love them, I want to share them with you. That’s usually how I get to learn about new podcasts myself, someone shares a new one with me. That’s why I am here with 4 more podcast tips today!

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Documentary: Miss Americana

I guess I don’t have many idols. I mean, I have examples and people who inspire me, but almost never a superstar. Also, I have never screamed over a popstar. I have never been that girl who had posters of a specific idol on the wall. Artists are just people to me, so I never really understood the whole fangirling thing. However, recently I have seen a documentary of an idol which I really appreciated and I want to share it with you: I’ve seen Miss Americana by Taylor Swift.

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Knap voor een Dik Meisje by Tatjana Almuli

It’s crazy how many blind spots I keep discovering over the years of reading non-fiction books. I keep learning about the world around me. And even more important: about the people around me. I keep learning about different perspectives. Today I want to talk about fatshaming, body neutrality and fatphobia. The book ‘Knap voor een Dik Meisje’ (translated: pretty for a fat girl) by Tatjana Almuli was the starting point for opening my eyes. Today I’ll tell you more about the book.

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4 Podcast Tips – May 2021

Currently, I am listening to 58 different podcasts! A year or 3 ago, that number was 0. I’ve grown to loving podcasts more and more over the years. In 2020, when I had a job in production, I was listening about 8 hours of podcasts a day. I was a little addicted haha! However, over these years I have only shared 4 podcasts with you on this blog so far. I wrote this post where I shared 4 podcasts with you for the first time. Right now, I still enjoy those a lot, but it’s time to share more! I have 58 on my list, so I can write a whole lot of posts from here. Today I am sharing 4 podcasts that I absolutely love!

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