4 Podcast Tips – May 2022

It’s May again. And apparently, that means that I share some podcast tips on this blog. I’ve been looking into my archive and I noticed that I shared podcast tips in May 2020 and May 2021 (and once in November 2021, but I’ll just ignore that off day haha). Now that it’s May 2022 I’ll keep the tradition going. Today I’ll share 4 podcast tips (from May 2022) with you.

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Documentary: Super Size Me

Watching this documentary was not planned (I just have a list on my phone and I watch whichever I feel like watching), but the timing seemed to perfect in the end. This year, me and boyfriend did a bet. We bet not go to MacDonalds (or any other fast food company in The Netherlands, like KFC or Burger King) for a full year! So, this documentary was a great one to watch to keep me motivated: I’m talking about the documentary Super Size Me.

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Documentary: Revolution

There are always so many emotions going through me while I watch documentaries regarding climate change. Fear, anger, disgust, disappointment. But there is one thing that really kept going through my mind seeing Revolution: stupidity. This is pure stupidity! I always though of us humans as rather smart beings, but oh my, we are so stupid. We don’t realize what’s at stake, we are destroying ourselves. Anyway, here’s more about the documentary: Revolution.

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Series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo

It does not happen a lot: me watching a full season of a show in just one day. But it did. I watched the entire season one a series recently! This show has it all for me, because the underlying message has a lot to do with minimalism and zero waste. Today I’ll tell you why I think you must watch it. Here’s more about the series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo.

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Series: ‘Genaaid’

Before you read any further, I must tell you something first. The show I am about to share is broadcasted on Dutch television, so it therefore is in Dutch. I like to have consistency in my blog, that’s why is blogpost is in English. So, if you’re not Dutch, you probably can’t understand the show. Or you can work on your Dutch haha. Anyway, the series ‘Genaaid’ is a show about fast fashion ánd sustainable fashion. And I feel like you should watch it.

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Two books: Eat that Frog and On Top

Maybe you’d think it is not my subject, but today I want to talk about efficiency. Efficiency, that sounds so profit-like, right? But I want to talk about efficiency in a different way, I want to talk efficiency as in accomplishing your goals and doing what you love. The following two books helped me a lot and they strengthen this story a lot too. Today I’m talking about efficiency with two books: Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy and On top by Anna Nooshin.

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Documentary: The Kids Menu

Here I am again, with a documentary about food! Food (and living healthy) interests me in so many ways! Currently I’m even following a course in school regarding health. Food is a big part of health in my opinion, and it is so important we know how to eat healthy. And that starts at a young age I think, when you’re still a kid. That’s where this documentary comes in: The Kids Menu.

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This is a Good Guide by Marieke Eyskoot

Sometimes, I get the question on where to start. Where to start a sustainable lifestyle, and how to. If you don’t live sustainable, there are many paths to walk. And what is sustainable? I like to translate it as within the earth’s capacity, since you can measure that. I understand that it can get overwhelming, because there are so many ways to start. Luckily, there are people who develop guides, or paths as you may call them. One of them is This is a Good Guide by Marieke Eyskoot. And so there it is, a book which makes you understand where to start.

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Series: Sweatshop

In my opinion, it isn’t fair that we don’t see the story behind every single thing we buy. Because, everything we buy has an impact. That impact can be low (which I prefer of course), and it can be extremely high. It can be horrific to see, but also beautiful. Today I want to talk about a product of which we don’t see the impact. It’s fast fashion. Because there is a way to see what’s behind your clothes most of the time, in a series called Sweatshop.

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Documentary: Gasland (Part I and II)

It’s time for a new must watch! Two, actually, since the makers decided to make a part II. These documentary tells us things about something we all use, energy. Energy is something all of us need. The difference lies in hoe we produce that energy. Fossil fuels or renewable energy? The documentary Gasland (part I and II) tell you a lot about fossils fuels. 

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