Talking Efficiency and Intention with two Must Read’s: Eat that Frog! and On Top

Maybe you’d think it is not my subject, but today I want to talk about efficiency. Efficiency, that sounds so profit-like, right? But I want to talk about efficiency in a different way, I want to talk efficiency as in accomplishing your goals and doing what you love. The following two books helped me a lot and they strengthen this story a lot too. Today I’m talking about efficiency with Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy and On top by Anna Nooshin. Continue reading “Talking Efficiency and Intention with two Must Read’s: Eat that Frog! and On Top”

The Minimalists

If you follow my weekly diaries or know me well in real-life, you know that I try to possess as little stuff as possible. If I look back at the Romee from about 3 years ago my mindset has completely shifted. I was a hoarder, more stuff was better. Especially when something was offered to me and it was cheap I immediately thought I needed it. I remember one day where I walked into a store, HEMA, and I only needed one thing. I thought it would be very weird to only buy one thing and so I picked two more useless items just so that I didn’t buy just one thing. It’s insane, I know. Luckily I’m not that same person anymore. I am a minimalist now. The mindset is here and I’m always working on it. There are two people who got me into minimalist. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus: The Minimalists.

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