Environmental Reasons Against Meat Consumption

People ask me all the time why I am vegan. ‘Do you do it for the animals, your health or the climate?’ is a common question that I get. My answer is: ‘all of the above’. Over the years the reasons to stay vegan just seem to pile up, my drive for veganism only gets stronger. But it is true that I went vegetarian about 6 years ago for just one reason: the climate. It was the first thing that triggered me to change my diet. And since it was the thing that made me go vegetarian, I want to share more about it with you. So, today I am sharing more about the environmental reasons against meat consumption.

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Ethical Reasons Against Fish Consumption

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about the ethical reasons to not consume meat. For me, meat means dead flesh of an animal. Any animal. This includes fish. However, the question ‘do you eat fish?’ is something vegetarians hear often. Quite compelling since there is a special name for this diet. It’s a ‘pescatarian’ diet. This question implies that people don’t see fish as meat, which is incorrect. However, I did choose to write a separate post about fish today. I am telling you about the ethical reasons against fish consumption.

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Ethical Reasons Against Meat Consumption

It feels stupid writing this post today, almost 5,5 years have past since I’ve switched to a vegetarian diet. Later on I also went vegan. I think it took me so long to write this post because it has become so logical for me to not eat animals. In the meantime I have written a lot of posts about veganism, why I don’t consume dairy for example. But, it’s time to go back to the basics because this order of things is crazy. It’s time to start where I started 5,5 years ago. Today I am sharing the ethical reasons against meat consumption.

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