Book about minimalism: Minimalism

Yes, the cover of this book tells you exactly what to expect. This book is about minimalism. The core of minimalism really. It’s quite a short book I’d say, which allignes exactly with their message: focus on the important things. This book is written by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, also known as the Minimalists. I’ve written a post before about them before, about their documentary and podcast. Back then I hadn’t read their book but now I did and I needed to share it with you. This book is amazing!

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Boek over privacy: Je hebt wél iets te verbergen

(Quick disclaimer: this blogpost is in English because I like consistency on my blog, but this book I’m about to share is only written in Dutch. But I know, a big part of my readers are Dutch).

Lately I’ve been questioning my appearance on social media a lot. Since I intend to live a meaningful life, I ask myself: does this add value to my life? And to me it does. I simply love sharing everything about my eco-positive lifestyle. Besides that, I love reading tips from other too, most people I follow are an inspiration to me. Social media and the online world is so accessible for us, I did not question the reason it was created. The following book has taught me a lot about privacy and the online world: Je hebt wél iets te verbergen (translated: you do have something to hide). Continue reading “Boek over privacy: Je hebt wél iets te verbergen”