Tv-show about the impact of your purchases: Bloed, Zweet en Luxeproblemen

Disclaimer: this show is in Dutch. So, if you don’t speak Dutch this might not be a very useful post for you (or you might want to learn the language haha).

World problems, for most of us western people they are surreal. We see the issues in the news and in newspapers all the time. Poverty, child labor, climate change, chemical pollution, you name it. Yet, this barely affects us. We have the best lives we can imagine. And so it’s hard to see different perspectives. And that’s where this show comes in today: shifting perspectives. That’s why I share with you today: Bloed, Zweet en Luxeproblemen. Continue reading “Tv-show about the impact of your purchases: Bloed, Zweet en Luxeproblemen”

Documentary series about Planet Earth: Our Planet

In contradiction to last week’s post, it’s time for something positive again. Well, maybe positive isn’t the right word, but beautiful is. It’s time for something beautiful. Because gosh, I’ve waited too long to share this documentary with you (don’t I say that every time?). This series came out on Netflix in April 2019. I’ve binge watched it as soon as it came out and I know a lot of people around me have too. I’m talking about the Netflix documentary series Our Planet. Continue reading “Documentary series about Planet Earth: Our Planet”