Sustainable Hotspots in Amsterdam

I moved to Amsterdam in September 2021 and have been living here for about 6 months now. I love Amsterdam and everything it has to offer. If the area was not so polluted due to Schiphol and Tata Steel I would even consider living here all my life. Amsterdam is modern, that’s why it has the most sustainable hotspots in the country. Today I am writing a guide for you, about the most sustainable hotspots in Amsterdam.

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Het Lokaal in Amersfoort

Past Wednesday I visited a company for the course Good Food I follow at school. It was a very inspiring visit and I’m determined to do a lot more when it comes to eating a local diet. We got a presentation and a tour around the company. We visited: Het Lokaal in Amersfoort.

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Sustainable Hotspot: Madurodam

Today my holiday begins! Yes, again … The life of a student is good! But for now I wanted to look back to my previous holiday. In the big summer holiday I went to Madurodam! My grandpa had won tickets in the lottery, but he didn’t want to go himself. And so we (my boyfriend, brother, niece and I) got to go! I talked about it before in a weekly diary, but I promised a review. Today is the day! Because Madurodam is a great, sustainable hotspot.

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