Weekly diary #99: I’m back from my sustainable holiday

Hi there! Welcome into my weekly diary. The past weeks there hasn’t been one, since I’ve been on a holiday to Albufeira. Don’t worry, it was a sustainable holiday. I travelled there by train and you can read more about my outward journey¬†here. Now I’m back and enjoying the last part of my holiday here in the Netherlands. In a sustainable way of course! The past week I handed in my thesis again, worked a lot at my part-time job and expanded Loose! Want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #99: I’m back from my sustainable holiday”

I’m going to become an entrepreneur!

On my blog you hear me talk all the time about ‘saving the world’. This is besides being happy and making others happy sort of a life goal. Doing something good for the world makes me happy. Now, I hear you think: ‘Romee, you can’t save the world on your own’. I know that, let’s frame it differently then: ‘leaving the world behind when I die in a better shape than it was when I was born’. And in that context I have exciting news!

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