I’m quitting the weekly diaries

You were maybe expecting another weekly diary today. Unfortunately, there is none. And I think there won’t be any ever again. I’m quitting the weekly diaries. I want to post this to let you know why and what else is changing. That’s because I’ve been thinking the last week and I want things to change.

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My 5 biggest sustainability challenges at this moment | May 2020

Most of the time I’d say a sustainable lifestyle isn’t hard. But maybe that’s not fair since I am not where I want to be yet. I want to live within the earth’s boundaries ánd create positive impact, but as we’ve seen, the last time I measured we still need 1,5 earths when everybody would live like me. I have work to do and maybe that’s why I shouldn’t always say that a sustainable lifestyle is easy. I have things I want to work on too, I’m not perfect. I’ve done it before, but today I want to share some of my sustainability challenges I have right now. What are the things I struggle the most with at this time of my life? Continue reading “My 5 biggest sustainability challenges at this moment | May 2020”