Weekly diary #6

Hi, here I am with another weekly diary again! The past two weeks it was a little quiet here, besides the posts that appear on Monday. I was on holiday, I wrote about that here. Good news: I am not planning on leaving again anytime soon!

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Weekly diary #2

In my first weekly diary I told you that there will be a weekly diary online every Thursday. Maybe you’ve noticed, but the past two weeks there hasn’t appeared one. That’s because I was on a holiday to Gran Canaria (and I wrote a confession about it too). Sun, sea and fun! But I’m back now!

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My first weekly diary!

This summer I want to try something new: a weekly diary. In these diaries I want to give you an insight in my life. No, my goal is not to get famous or show you how exciting my life is. I want to give you a realistic view of my life and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Also, I just love to write! Every Thursday I will post a weekly diary. It is an experiment, so I’ll share my summer this year to see that’s going. Excuse me for the bad photos, I still have an Iphone 4 and I’m waiting till it dies and I have an excuse to buy a refurbished better phone.

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