Zero Waste Vegan Recipe: Risotto

I am going to confess something right away: I’m not the best chef (yet). So now that I’ve made some delicious risotto it is certain: everybody can make this. If I can, you can. The recipe I’m about to share is a good recipe for zero waste cooking. It’s a risotto recipe. And jee, I love risotto. Today I am sharing a zero waste vegan recipe with you: risotto.

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Zero Waste Dry Shampoo

Today I want to share a recipe with you. But not a recipe for in the kitchen. Good for me! Because to be honest, I’m not such a big talent in the kitchen just yet. I barely ever cook. That has to change, but that’s for another time. Today I have a recipe for you for in your hair! I’m talking about: zero waste dry shampoo.

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Zero Waste Ketchup Recipe

This week a blogpost in a new category: Recipes! As you can see above, I have made some ketchup the past week. Ketchup is something I have never been able to find without packaging. It is however something I like to eat very much and so I had one option left: putting on my cook’s cap, wearing my apron, grabbing the utensils and start cooking! Here’s the recipe for zero waste ketchup.

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Zero Waste Make-Up Remover

A while back I wrote a blogpost about a zero waste alternative for cotton pads. These pads can be used for anything, but I mostly use them for removing make-up from my face. Yes, I live zero waste and am all about self-love, but I do wear make-up from time to time. One doesn’t rule out the others. That’s why I am writing an addition to that post today: DIY zero waste make-up remover.

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Zero waste DIY Deodorant

This post is about the first step I took towards a zero waste lifestyle. I didn’t come up with this idea myself. No, it was my mom. She does not thrive to live a zero waste lifestyle and when she handed me the recipe (and made it for me), back then I didn’t either. In the meantime, it’s been a succes for over three years. Today I am sharing a recipe for zero waste DIY deodorant with only 4 ingredients.

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