Recognizing system change for self-love

A while ago I wrote about how we need both system change and individual change if we want a sustainable future (or a future at all), you can read that here. It’s important to recognize that not everything is up to us individuals. But the past few months I realized that this isn’t just the case for sustainability. It’s the case for everything. Today I want to talk about recognizing system change when it comes to self-love.

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Recognizing system change for sustainability

This is a topic I’ve changed my mind about in the last couple of years. My journey towards a sustainable lifestyle has mostly been about my personal behavior. I share all the things I do and all the things I personally can do to make a change. I still support that and I think I will never stop sharing all these things. But today I want to recognize something else we really need, which I’ve never mentioned before, system change.

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