Secondhand Clothing Inspiration

It’s been over 4 months that I last wrote about my secondhand clothing purchases. Ideally, I would write about once or twice a year about all the secondhand clothing items I bought in a certain year. However, I am not there yet. I am still building my ideal capsule wardobe and I’m still making mistakes and learning along the way. That’s why I am back today with some more secondhand clothing inspiration!

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Buying Secondhand Swimwear

Today I want to show you a ‘new’ secondhand piece I got my hands on. Since I think some people have a wrong view of secondhand clothing, I want to show every piece I buy myself, to give an image of secondhand clothing. Because, sometimes I hear the reasons why people like buying only new: they think secondhand clothing looks bad and old. I think I can proof that’s not true. Today I’ll tell you about buying secondhand swimwear.

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Secondhand Clothing Shop-log

Once every while I go through my closet, to see if I still love every item that’s in there. And with love I actually mean love. Clothing should make me feel beautiful, great and sexy in my opinion. So I can rock each day with some new fresh energy! So, I took out some items that didn’t make me feel like that anymore and brought them to my favorite secondhand store. When I’m there, I always sneak through the clothes. And yes, I have found some great new items I’m in love with! Want to see them? Here’s my secondhand clothing shop-log.

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