Room Tour

Two years ago, I did a room tour. Or actually, two room tours. Back then, I still lived with my parents and they are divorced, so that’s why I did two room tours. In their houses, I had one room for myself, a bedroom. In the meantime, I have moved to Groningen and then again to Amsterdam, where I live now. And so, it’s time to do a new room tour, to show you how minimalistic (or not) I live these days. I’m excited to show you!

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Sustainable Barbecuing

In the Netherlands it already feels like summer this March. This past week we almost hit the 20 degrees Celcius mark. That being an effect of the climate crisis makes me anxious. However, the paradox is that this weather also makes me happy, I like sun. And I am not the only one. The past week I’ve even seen people barbecuing already. And even though I like a good vegan barbecue too, there’s usually something going wrong when people use the barbecue. That’s why today I want to tell you about sustainable barbecuing.

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All my new purchases in 2021

Another year has ended and it’s officially 2022! Last week I already started evaluating 2021, I posted 10 positive impacts I’ve made in 2021. I started with the positive impact and today I am posting a little bit about the negative impact. Maybe I should have done that the other way around … But anyway! Today I am telling you more about all my new purchases in 2021.

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Sustainable Gifts

Gifts! A subject which is difficult enough already without the gifts being sustainable. What do you gift someone? I have always found it difficult. So when I decided I wanted to only gift sustainable things I figured this would be even more difficult. Turns out … it isn’t! I now have a list of things that I can always gift, in whichever situation. I think gifting even became easier! And so, I am sharing a list of sustainable gifts with you today. This way we can all gift sustainably.

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5 things I no longer buy

A lot of people think a sustainable lifestyle is expensive. My experience is that this is not true. The most sustainable option is usually the option to not do something. To not buy something new, to not eat animal products and to not travel. And so today I want to highlight some things I no longer buy for the sake of sustainability. And they all save me money too! Here are 5 things I no longer buy.

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All my new purchases in 2019

Babette Porcelijn made a top 10 of the most polluting activities in her book The Hidden Impact. The number one thing is buying new stuff, it is the activity with the biggest negative impact. To reduce my negative impact and thrive towards an eco-positive lifestyle I try to buy no more new stuff. Even though buying nothing new for a year is something I haven’t achieved yet, I do try to minimize the new purchases as much as I can. Here are all my new purchases in 2019.

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How to make sustainable purchases

I’ve written guides before on this blog. Here you can read how to make sustainable food choices and I’ve also written an article on buying sustainable clothing. Yet, these are just two categories of everything you can buy. Yes, they are the most important in my life, the two things I buy the most. But I think there is more to consider than just food and clothes. And so today, I’ve come to share the Buyarchy of Needs from Sarah Lazarovic for when you buy just about anything. Here’s more about how to make sustainable purchases.

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Sustainable Greeting cards

Last week I told you more about the 5R’s of zero waste. The biggest part is to refuse things I said, single use things mainly. But what if there is an item that is zero waste and you just don’t want to refuse? It’s not impossible, it happens to me too. Today I want to talk specifically about a single use item I personally don’t refuse: sustainable greeting cards.

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Thrift haul from February 2019

As a person, the most sustainable thing you can do is stop buying new stuff. And since I’m trying to live as sustainable as I can, I took the pledge to not buy anything new. You can see how I did the past year in this blogpost. But, sometimes you do need things. I don’t think I can buy nothing for the rest of my life, and that wouldn’t be fun. But luckily, there is a solution! Thrifting. Buying things secondhand, so no new resources are needed. And that’s exactly what I did. Here’s my thrift haul from February 2019.

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Adopting Plants

Over the years, my mindset has changed. I have become a minimalist. Consequently, I like to own less and care less about stuff. I feel like I am on that point already. But however, I bought some things for in my room! I adopted some plants! Today I want to tell you why, and how. Here’s all about adopting plants.

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