Thrift haul from February 2019

As a person, the most sustainable thing you can do is stop buying new stuff. And since I’m trying to live as sustainable as I can, I took the pledge to not buy anything new. You can see how I did the past year in this blogpost. But, sometimes you do need things. I don’t think I can buy nothing for the rest of my life, and that wouldn’t be fun. But luckily, there is a solution! Thrifting. Buying things secondhand, so no new resources are needed. And that’s exactly what I did. Here’s my thrift haul from February 2019.

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Adopting Plants

Over the years, my mindset has changed. I have become a minimalist. Consequently, I like to own less and care less about stuff. I feel like I am on that point already. But however, I bought some things for in my room! I adopted some plants! Today I want to tell you why, and how. Here’s all about adopting plants.

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Circular Economy: The Book Library

Today I want to share something about lending with you. About lending books! If you’re a reader (like me) this is almost a must when it comes to trying to living sustainable. Lending is the new buying! And it should be, because it is has many benefits! Not only for the environment, but for yourself too. I have a card at the local library and I want to tell you why. This post I am telling you about an essential part of a circular economy: the book library.

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Sustainable Sunscreen: Suntribe

I’ve shared before which sunscreen I use. Today I’m sharing this again since I switched! I have shared another sunscreen once before, it was a good option back then. Right now it isn’t anymore and so I deleted that post. I’ve switched to Suntribe! Today I want to share with you why I switched to sustainable sunscreen Suntribe.

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Recycling your smartphone: Stichting AAP

Today I’d like to discuss a great way of recycling I’ve recently discovered. The recycling of phones. That’s because I recently bought a new phone and don’t want to hold on to the old one, it would be a waste of resources. There’s an option to recycle your old phone ánd have positive impact! I did it the past week with 2 old phones. Today I’ll tell you all about recycling your smartphone at Stichting AAP.

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The Most Sustainable Phone: The Fairphone

Yes people, the day has come. *Drums roll*. I have bought a new phone! New? Yes, entirely new. This is something that I almost never do since it’s not the most sustainable, zero waste or minimalistic option. Then why did I buy this new phone? That’s what I’ll be telling you today. Why did I buy the most sustainable phone: The Fairphone?

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