Film about sustainable farming: The Biggest Little Farm

A few weeks ago I told you that I had won tickets for a movie: The Biggest Little Farm. Before I went to see the film, I was already so excited to go and see this movie! Past Monday was the day, I saw the movie. I seriously loved it! This movies tells the story about my wildest dream, a family that builds a farm. Not just a regular farm as is most common today, but a farm that alines with nature. Continue reading “Film about sustainable farming: The Biggest Little Farm”

Must watch: Sustainable

It’s time for a new documentary. And this documentary is so beautiful to me, since it’s about something I’m really passionate about: food. More specifically: it’s about local food. Knowing where your food comes from, who has put so much effort into growing it and what’s the story behind the food. The following documentary has all that: Sustainable. Continue reading “Must watch: Sustainable”