I’ve decided to get my drivers license! Why?

Cars are not sustainable, they pollute the air by the carbon dioxide they release. Especially with all the cars we have right now on this planet, we have a problem. For a long while, I had chosen not to be a part of that problem. This had multiple reasons, which I’ll come to later. However, I’ve made up my mind after a long time. I am getting my drivers license. Continue reading “I’ve decided to get my drivers license! Why?”

Everything I’ve bought new in 2018

My first monday-post in 2019! Time to reflect a little. Not on personal goals, because I am not into that this year. But on sustainability goals! It’s about stuff, because buying new stuff in not sustainable and I’ve trying to avoid that the past year. But, how have I done? And have I bought many things new in all of 2018?

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Must read: This a Good Guide

Sometimes, I get the question on where to start. Where to start a sustainable lifestyle, and how to. If you don’t live sustainable, there are many paths to walk. And what is sustainable? I like to translate it as within the earth’s capacity, since you can measure that. I understand that it can get overwhelming, because there are so many ways to start. Luckily, there are people who develop guides, or paths as you may call them. One of them is Marieke Eyskoot. She wrote: This is a good guide, for a sustainable lifestyle. And so there it is, a book which makes you understand where to start. Continue reading “Must read: This a Good Guide”