The 9 Planetary Boundaries

The past 3 years I have followed a pre-master in Earth and Economy and a master in Environment and Resource Management. And up until now, I mostly wrote about sustainability and an eco-positive lifestyle in the personal sphere, as I believe that we all have a share making the earth a happy place for everybody. However, as I gained my master in science, I feel like I can also share more about sustainability on a global level. Today I am starting with the ultimate base, the 9 planetary boundaries.

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The Acidification of Oceans

A few years back when I heard the term ‘climate crisis’ I used to think about a number of things. Extreme weather, failure of harvests, sea level rise, mass refugees and hunger. However, these things are all mostly related to land. How the area of land is decreasing, how the land itself is changing and the consequences. However, the climate crisis doesn’t just affect the land. It also affects the oceans. Today I want to discuss a massive problem concerning the oceans: acidification.

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