Weekly diary #76: Getting a visit from the local newspaper for an article!

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary, in which I want to show you how I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle. Topics I talk about this week are: veganism, zero waste and buying things secondhand. I had a big shock this week regarding my thesis and went on a sushi date night! Want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #76: Getting a visit from the local newspaper for an article!”

Thrift haul- February 2019

As a person, the most sustainable thing you can do is stop buying new stuff. And since I’m trying to live as sustainable as I can, I took the pledge to not buy anything new. You can see how I did the past year in this blogpost. But, sometimes you do need things. I don’t think I can buy nothing for the rest of my life, and that wouldn’t be fun. But luckily, there is a solution! Thrifting. Buying things secondhand, so no new resources are needed. And that’s exactly what I did. Continue reading “Thrift haul- February 2019”

Everything I’ve bought new in 2018

My first monday-post in 2019! Time to reflect a little. Not on personal goals, because I am not into that this year. But on sustainability goals! It’s about stuff, because buying new stuff in not sustainable and I’ve trying to avoid that the past year. But, how have I done? And have I bought many things new in all of 2018?

Continue reading “Everything I’ve bought new in 2018”