I’ve decided to get my drivers license! Why?

Cars are not sustainable, they pollute the air by the carbon dioxide they release. Especially with all the cars we have right now on this planet, we have a problem. For a long while, I had chosen not to be a part of that problem. This had multiple reasons, which I’ll come to later. However, I’ve made up my mind after a long time. I am getting my drivers license. Continue reading “I’ve decided to get my drivers license! Why?”

Sustainable travel: Going to Albufeira by train!

When I calculated my impact last year, I knew something had to change. I was doing quite well, because I live vegan and buy most of my stuff secondhand, but flying seemed to be a major issue. I could fly and still have the amount of eco-points to live a sustainable life. But, I want to live as sustainable as I can, so that means the less negative impact, the better. So, I decided to quit flying by plane! But, I am going on a holiday this year! By train. Today I’ll tell you how. Continue reading “Sustainable travel: Going to Albufeira by train!”