Finding Vegan Restaurants: HappyCow

Past Monday I came back from my holiday. I traveled to Budapest with my partner and two friends (the coming weeks I’ll tell you more about the traveling itself). Today I want to talk about another sustainability aspect while on the road: vegan food. I personally find the Netherlands a walhalla for vegan food (but we can do much better) and I know where to look for vegan food. But in other countries this can be tricky. Luckily there’s an amazing website/app for finding vegan restaurants: HappyCow.

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Environmental Reasons Against Meat Consumption

People ask me all the time why I am vegan. ‘Do you do it for the animals, your health or the climate?’ is a common question that I get. My answer is: ‘all of the above’. Over the years the reasons to stay vegan just seem to pile up, my drive for veganism only gets stronger. But it is true that I went vegetarian about 6 years ago for just one reason: the climate. It was the first thing that triggered me to change my diet. And since it was the thing that made me go vegetarian, I want to share more about it with you. So, today I am sharing more about the environmental reasons against meat consumption.

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The best vegan fish products

There are many vegan alternatives to animal products on the market. Vegan egg, vegan tuna, vegan steak. Amazing! The more the merrier I’d say. However, some vegan products are better than others. And so, I want to make an ultimate list of my personal favorites. So that whenever you want try a vegan alternative for a product, you can take a look at this list and then see what brand I personally like best. So that when you try a vegan product, you try the most delicious product there is! This is the third post in this series, for fish. The first post covered the best meat replacements and the second one covered cheese and eggs. There are more things to cover, like candy, honey or dairy to name some examples. I will get into those products another time. As I said: today is about the best vegan fish products!

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Going vegan vs. stop traveling

Today I want to make a statement. Something that really goes for me and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. In general, I’d say living an eco-positive lifestyle is not hard (maybe I can’t say that just yet, since I am not there yet, but I am doing it anyway). However, there are some aspects which I find way easier than others. Going vegan vs. stop traveling, I’ll tell you which one is easiest.

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Ethical reasons against horse-riding

To start off: I am probably going to offend people with this post. Not that I am planning on it, but out of past experiences I can imagine it happening again. I’ve talked about veganism to people a lot over the past years and there’s one issue that I always get a lot of responses on. I have doubted to post this, but I still believe that different type of views should be shared and considered. Today I want to explain why I don’t approve horse riding or keeping a horse as a hobby. Here are some ethical reasons against horse-riding.

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What can we learn from COVID-19?

Just like everyone else, I can’t ignore it: the new corona virus. Most of the world is affected by the new virus and the consequences are massive. In times like these, the focus lies with decreasing the further spreading of the disease. Entire countries are in quarantine and it’s all you hear about on the news. Even though I understand that, I tried to look at the core of the problem the past days. How did this new virus arise and what is there to change so that this doesn’t happen again? What can we learn from COVID-19?

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5 vegan sandwich fillings I love

In our society it is quite normal to eat animal products on your sandwich every single day. A sandwich with only cheese (and butter sometimes) is a typical Dutch lunch or snack. And so, when you make the switch to a plant-based diet you are confronted with this habit. I would say peanut butter and jam are two of the few alternatives in a typical Dutch cabinet. But eating peanut butter every day can get boring and so it’s time to look beyond. That’s why today I am proposing 5 vegan sandwich fillings I personally love.

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Ethical reasons why I don’t consume eggs

A few weeks ago, I published on here why I don’t consume dairy. No yoghurt, milk, cream or cheese, since all those things are made out of milk. Today I want to elaborate on another products I don’t consume as a vegan: eggs. Alike dairy, this is something most people don’t understand. People ask me a lot of questions about it too. What about free-range eggs or eggs from the chickens in my own yard? Here are the ethical reasons why I don’t consume eggs.

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Ethical reasons to not consume dairy

I’ve been vegan for about 2 years now. All this time I’ve shared a lot about practical veganism. In our society it is unfortunately uncommon to be vegan, so practical veganism is important. But what’s even more important to me, is why I live vegan. As for the ethical aspects, the health aspects and the environmental impacts, I’ve never really discussed them. So today I want to begin with that, each time a different category and product. Today I want to tell you all the ethical reasons why I don’t consume dairy.

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Vegan Quinoa Salad Recipe

It’s May and that means summer is coming! Summer is my favorite season and after the past few weeks (it’s been up to 24 degrees Celcius here), I am excited for it! Even though right now it is a bit colder again (tonight it will be 0 degrees, what a difference!), I am changing my eating habits a bit already, when the weather is warmer I tend to eat more salads and fresh foods. So, today I want to share with you one of my favorite recipes of all times, a simple vegan quinoa salad recipe.

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