Why Biodegradable Plastics Suck

This blogpost has been coming for a while now. In my daily life I am confronted with plastic all the time even though I try to avoid it. In stores, restaurant and on the market to name a few examples. Usually people respond in a positive way when I manage to avoid plastic, they think it’s a noble goal. However, sometimes I get a different response. Not a negative one. Just, different. Like the other day when I sat at Bagels & Beans and I asked for a smoothie without a straw. The waitress said: Don’t worry, they’re biodegradable! Nice try, but I still refused the straw. I am not a fan of biodegradable plastics at all. Today I’ll tell you why biodegradable plastics suck.

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8 Reasons to Ditch Plastics

I think you know this by know. I am not a fan of plastics (or waste at all). On this blog you can read a lot about how I try to avoid plastics (and other waste too) in all sorts of ways. But I never really explained why I do this in the first place. So here it is: 8 reasons to ditch (especially single-use) plastics!

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