Zero waste snack: roasted chickpeas

Snacking, I think it’s something we all do (even if you claim you don’t). I mean, who doesn’t love a sugary or salty (in my case) snack on a good movie night or get together with friends. I think snacks are essential! Finding zero waste snacks can be quite hard, if you’re tied to a ‘normal’ supermarket. But, there are tons of zero waste snacks out there and today might be just right for you. I want to share a recipe for roasted chickpeas! Continue reading “Zero waste snack: roasted chickpeas”

Zero Waste Vegan Recipe: Risotto

I am going to confess something right away: I’m not the best chef (yet). So now that I’ve made some delicious risotto it is certain: everybody can make this. If I can, you can. The recipe I’m about to share is a good recipe for zero waste cooking. It’s a risotto recipe. And jee, I love risotto.

Continue reading “Zero Waste Vegan Recipe: Risotto”