DIY Zero Waste Hairspray

I am a woman with long hair. And oh my, that can be a struggle. It rarely shapes exactly the way you want it too. Too loose, too tight, bumps here, bumps there. I guess it will be an endless struggle. There is however one thing that makes it easier for me: hairspray. But over the past years I have not used it, I could not find it zero waste anywhere. But then I found the perfect solution: a DIY zero waste hairspray recipe. I will share it with you today.

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2 Ingredient DIY All Purpose Cleaner

It’s time for another recipe! It’s been a while. Since I moved out of my parent’s houses and into my own apartment with my boyfriend in Groningen I’ve tried all kinds of DIY recipes. Some things worked out great, others not so much. Today I want to share the first thing I tried to make and has been a huge succes ever since. It’s the first thing you want to make when you’re making cleaning products yourself. Here’s a recipe for a 2 ingredient DIY all purpose cleaner.

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How to ditch bottled water on holidays

Another post about bottled water! I thought I’d follow up to last week’s post about a documentary that sums up the downsides of bottled water. Today I want to talk about a something that I found challenging when just started a zero waste lifestyle: avoiding bottled water on holidays. But I found a way. Here’s how you can ditch bottled water on holidays.

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Zero waste (organic) make-up powder

When people look at my make-up stash, they are often quite surprised. There’s a lot of plastic in there still, you can see it yourself in this blogpost where I shared my entire make-up stash. There’s a lot of plastic because I use what I have. Before starting my zero waste journey I had a lot of make-up which I still use today. Yet, sometimes I run out of things. And then, I do buy sustainable and zero waste make-up. And so today I want to share a switch I made: my zero waste (organic) make-up powder.

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The 5 R’s of Zero Waste

I’ve been blogging on here for a while now, I think it’s been about three years. The starting point of this whole green and eco-positive lifestyle has been a zero waste lifestyle. It’s the thing I started blogging about at first, but over the years it has evolved into a whole different lifestyle. But, a zero waste lifestyle is still very important to me, as I thrive to live zero waste and spread this message. Recently I did a lecture about a zero waste lifestyle at my local library, talking about the base of a zero waste lifestyle. While I did that, I realized I had never talked about it on here. So, today I want to tell you more about the philosophy of zero waste, the 5 R’s.

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Why paper, glass and cans are better than plastic

Now that I think about it, it feel kind of strange that I have not dedicated a full blogpost to this subject. You have probably heard me say it a lot, in my weekly diaries and other posts: I prefer glass, cans and paper over plastic. Always. But why? And is that a fair choice to make? Here’s why paper, glass and cans are more sustainable than plastic.

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Zero Waste DIY Business Cards

I think you’ve noticed by now: I am an entrepreneur! Wow. That sounds so fancy. And it is! I have started my own webshop for package free groceries in Enschede: Loose, to do something about our big problem with waste. It has been fun, exiting and scary at the same time. Currently I am working on promoting Loose some more, because it’s necessary to get more customers. One of the things I now do: hand out business cards! I’ve made them myself and in this blogpost I’ll show you how to make zero waste DIY business cards.

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Het Plasticdieet (the plastic diet)

Before I start, I should say that this post is the most interesting for Dutch people. Because, today, I want to share some more about ‘Het Plasticdieet‘ (the plastic diet)! As you might have read in my Weekly diary, I was a speaker at the kick-off event of ‘Het Plasticdieet’ and I am very excited about it! This event is very important in my opinion, that’s why I wanted to share it with you today! 

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Why Biodegradable Plastics Suck

This blogpost has been coming for a while now. In my daily life I am confronted with plastic all the time even though I try to avoid it. In stores, restaurant and on the market to name a few examples. Usually people respond in a positive way when I manage to avoid plastic, they think it’s a noble goal. However, sometimes I get a different response. Not a negative one. Just, different. Like the other day when I sat at Bagels & Beans and I asked for a smoothie without a straw. The waitress said: Don’t worry, they’re biodegradable! Nice try, but I still refused the straw. I am not a fan of biodegradable plastics at all. Today I’ll tell you why biodegradable plastics suck.

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What’s in my bag?

The past few weeks I’ve seen a few ‘What’s in my bag?’-posts coming by. They it inspired me to do one myself! The things that are in my bag are very important when you try to live a zero waste lifestyle. It can make it or break it. And so I’ll tell you today what is in my bag.

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