The 365-Challenge

The 365-Challenge

I hope that on this blog it’s become obvious that I try to live a (plastic) waste free life and hope to inspire others too. Changing my own habits makes me happy, but somehow it isn’t always enough. So, I try to clean up trash from others too, in a challenge I’m calling the 365-challenge! 

The 365-challenge

The 365-challenge is extremely simple in theory (that’s why this blogpost isn’t so long haha). It goes like this: pick up one piece of trash every day. In the end you’ll pick up 365 pieces of litter every year! Sounds quite simple right?

Make a habit

Most pieces I pick up are located in the bicycle storage of the train station in Enschede, it’s messy there! If you want to start doing the 365-challenge too, I would suggest to make it a habit at a specific moment of your day. For me this is in the morning, when I arrive at the train station. This way the challenge doesn’t take up much time or effort. Make it a habit!

Next level trash-picking

Some people really make it their life goal to pick up trash from others, this is something I respect a lot. For example Dirk Groot, the Zwerfinator, he picks up trash every single day and collects data about it too. That’s what I call persistence! Consequently, universities and organizations have more information about the trash problem and they come up with better ideas to fix it. It’s a win-win!

And a good thing to know:

‘If 25% of all the Dutch citizens swears to pick up one piece of trash off the street we would have a new problem … there is too little to pick up!’ – Peter Smith

I am happy to be one person of those 25%, yes!

Yours sincerely,

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