The Best Vegan Milk and Butter

the best vegan milk and butter

Within this category of the best vegan product list I have written some posts already. I wrote about meat, fish, cheese & eggs. These foods have a wide range of products in them. That’s why I chose to share which products I like best. The category of today is quite different, within this category you can’t pick wrong. But still, I think it’s important to share. Here’s which products I consider the best vegan milk and butter.

Vegan Milk

The category of vegan milk is just a little different than that of vegan fish for example. With vegan milk it’s really about what you prefer. With vegan fish for example, it’s really about which products tastes most like the real thing. When it comes milk, this is not relevant. To be honest, I have never tasted vegan milk that tastes like cow milk. But within the category of vegan milk, there’re a lot of different types. Soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, pea milk, etc. It’s not really about mimicking cow milk. It’s really about whatever taste you prefer.

That’s why it took me long to share this. I doubted whether it was important to share what my personal taste is. But then I thought: I do this with every category, so I should just do it with vegan (and butter) too. It might help people when they’re transitioning to vegan. And it’s important to spread the vegan message.


Also, vegan milk is also the one of the few vegan things I buy organic. With most other vegan replacements, like vegan fish, the best alternatives are the non-organic ones. That’s a shame really, because I think organic food is best for me and the planet. I am always on the hunt for organic vegan replacements which are just as good as the non-organic ones. So, far I only succeeded with a few vegan products. But I’m trying!

The same goes with boycotting multinationals. I wrote more about that in this post. It’s just hard to find really good vegan products while at the same time avoiding multinationals. But as I said, I’m trying. Anyway, here’s what I consider the best vegan milk and butter:

Vegan Milk

Vegan Milk to Drink Sober – Alpro This is Not Milk (Whole) – 2,12 euros – 1 liter -Jumbo/Albert Heijn/Dirk (and maybe more, I don’t know)

I barely drink vegan milk just, plainly in a glass. But if I had to choose the best vegan milk for just drinking it plain, this one is the best, together with sweetened soy milk.

Vegan Milk with a Flavor – Alpro Banana – 2,29 euros – 1 liter – Albert Heijn/Jumbo

the best vegan milk and butter

Something else that’s very personal, because there are a lot of flavored milks out there. I prefer the taste of banana and absolutely love this Alpro banana flavor. Sometimes I have cravings for specifically this stuff.

Vegan Milk for Hot Chocolate – Alpro – 2,29 euros – 1 liter – Albert Heijn/Jumbo

the best vegan milk and butter

Vegan Cooking Cream

Vegan Cooking Cream – Provamel – 1,69 euros – 200 ml – Ekoplaza

the best vegan milk and butter

When it comes to cooking cream, you can’t do things wrong either. I like literally all vegan cooking creams I have ever tried. With that given, I go for this organic one by Provamel.

Sorry, I don’t have any recommendations for vegan milk for in a coffee. I don’t drink coffee.

Vegan Butter

Vegan Butter – Cocovit – 3,29 euros – 250 grams – Ekoplaza

the best vegan milk and butter

With vegan butter it goes the same. To me, it all tastes the same. I find two things very important. The butter has to be organic and also palm-free. The only brand which has this that I could find is this Cocovit butter. I barely use butter (when I bake I use either olive oil or an air-fryer), but I consider this brand the best.

These products are what I consider the best vegan milk and butter. I’m obviously a fan of Alpro haha!

Yours sincerely,

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