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There are many vegan alternatives to animal products on the market. Vegan egg, vegan tuna, vegan steak. Amazing! The more the merrier I’d say. However, some vegan products are better than others. And so, I want to make an ultimate list of my personal favorites. So that whenever you want try a vegan alternative for a product, you can take a look at this list and then see what brand I personally like best. So that when you try a vegan product, you try the most delicious product there is! This is the third post in this series, for fish. The first post covered the best meat replacements and the second one covered cheese and eggs. There are more things to cover, like candy, honey or dairy to name some examples. I will get into those products another time. As I said: today is about vegan fish!

Personal and Never Ending

Before I start there are a few disclaimers I want to mention. First, this is a list of personal preferences. These are the products I personally love. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll have the same preferences. Yet, I think I have a pretty good taste and so I believe this list will be a great starting point :). Second, this list is never ending. For now, I am posting the products I love most. That might change since there are always new products coming onto the market. Whenever I have tried a new product and I love it, it will appear on here. And always feel free to make a suggestion!


The list I am sharing are the ready-to-eat products. Of course there is tempeh, tofu, seitan and more. Let me clear: these are always healthier than the ready-to-eat products below. If you follow a plant-based diet it’s best to eat whole foods and no processed foods. The products below are obviously processed. However, I am sharing this list because I am extremely grateful they’re here. They made going vegan a lot easier and convenient. Sometimes I just don’t feel like making scrambled tofu myself, I just want to sit on the couch, be lazy and eat ready-to-each vegan tuna. That’s okay! And that’s also why it’s amazing that these ready products are here. For situations where you don’t have the time or energy to make to make them yourself.


I have to say, fish is a special category. The first reason why I made fish a separate category from meat is because a lot of people choose to be a pescatarian. People who don’t eat meat but do eat fish. I think an animal is an animal and that fish are equal to other living beings. So, I obviously don’t support this thought process, but still I think this separate list can help pescatarians who want to go fully vegan. I also made this a separate category because I have been struggling to find good vegan fish alternatives at first. It’s different from meat, where there are hundreds of vegan burgers available. For fish this is a lot less unfortunately. And also, I have tried a lot of things which I did not like at all. The market is smaller and more difficult. But obviously there are amazing things out there. So here’s the list for vegan fish replacements!

Alternatives to Salmon

Raw Salmon – Vegan Zeastar – 6,49 euros (I only like this is sushi or poke-bowls, not raw as sashimi)

I have not found a product for smoked salmon, but that is something you can make easily yourself out of carrots. I’ll post a recipe soon.

Alternatives to Tuna

Raw tuna (only for sushi and poke-bowls) – Vegan Zeastar- 6,49 euros

Tuna from a can – Garden Gourmet – 3,99 euros

Tuna Salad – Albert Heijn – 2,49 euros

Note: I also published a recipe for a home-made vegan tuna salad.

Alternatives to Calamaris

Calamaris Rings – Vegan Zeastar – 5,49 euros

Alternatives to Shrimps

Vegan Shrimps – Zeastar – 5,49 euros

Alternatives to Fried Fish

Fried Fish ‘lekkerbek’ – Jumbo – 2,88 euros

Fried Fish Pieces ‘kibbeling’ – Jumbo – 2,49 euros

Others Alternatives to Fish

Fish Burger – Sofine – 3,19 euros

Fish Sticks – Albert Heijn – 2,49 euros

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