The Best Vegan Products List – Meat Replacements

This has been on my mind for a while now. There are many vegan alternatives to animal products on the market. Vegan egg, vegan tuna, vegan steak. Amazing! The more the merrier I’d say. However, some vegan products are better than others. And so, I want to make an ultimate list of my personal favorites. So that whenever you want try a vegan alternative for a product, you can take a look at this list and then see what brand I personally like best. So that when you try a vegan product, you try the most delicious product there is! This is the first post in this series, about meat replacements. There are more things to cover, like candy, eggs, fish or dairy to name some examples. I will get into those products another time. Today I am going to start with the meat replacements of cow, pig and chicken.

Personal and Never Ending

Before I start there are a few disclaimers I want to mention. First, this is a list of personal preferences. These are the products I personally love. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll have the same preferences. Yet, I think I have a pretty good taste and so I believe this list will be a great starting point :). Second, this list is never ending. For now, I am posting the products I love most. That might change since there are always new products coming onto the market. Whenever I have tried a new product, it will appear on here. And always feel free to make a suggestion!


The list I am sharing are the ready-to-eat products. Of course there is tempeh, tofu, seitan and more. Let me clear: these are always healthier than the ready-to-eat products below. If you follow a plant-based diet it’s best to eat whole foods and no processed foods. The products below are obviously processed. However, I am sharing this list because I am extremely grateful they’re here. They made going vegan a lot easier and convenient. Sometimes I just don’t feel like making a seitan burger myself, I just want to sit on the couch and be lazy. That’s okay! And that’s also why it’s amazing that these ready products are here. For situations where you don’t have the time or energy to make to make them yourself.

Alternatives for Cow

Burger – Beyond Meat – 3,99 euros

Minced meat – Naturli – 3,89 euros

Steak – Lidl – 1,99 euros

Meat Balls – Albert Heijn – 1,99 euros

Steak Tartare – Vegetarische Slager – 2,39 euros

Kroket – Vegetarische Slager – 2,85 euros

Bitterbal – Vegetarische Slager – 2,79 euros

Bamischijf – Vegetarische Slager – 2,75 euros

Alternatives for Pig

Bacon – Vegan Junkstar – 4,69 euros

Smoked Bacon – Albert Heijn – 1,99 euros

Shawarma – Vivera – 2,69 euros

Escalope – Albert Heijn – 1,79 euros

Sausage – Next Level (Lidl) – 2,99 euros

Pate – Vegetarische Slager – 2,55 euros

Grilled Sausage – Albert Heijn – 1,99 euros

Bologna – Vegetarische Slager – 1,59 euros

Gyro – Vivera – 2,89 euros

Frikandel – Albert Heijn – 1,99 euros

Alternatives for Poultry

Chicken Pieces – Vegetarische Slager – 3,71 euros

Chicken Slices – Quorn – 2,35 euros

Chicken Nuggets – Vegetarische Slager – 3,19 euros

Chicken Escalope – Vivera – 2,69 euros

Drumsticks – Albert Heijn – 2,69 euros

Plain Chicken Burger – Vegetarische Slager – 3,49 euros

Others (No Specific Animal)

BapaoVegetarische Slager – 1,09 euros

There are a lot of vegan products around, but these are my current absolute favorites! I hope you’ll like them too!

Yours sincerely,

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