The Biggest Little Farm by John Chester

The Biggest Little Farm by John Chester

A few weeks ago I told you that I had won tickets for a movie: The Biggest Little Farm by John Chester. Before I went to see the film, I was already so excited to go and see this documentary! Past Monday was the day, I saw the movie. And of course, I seriously loved it! This movies tells the story about my wildest dream, a family that builds a farm. Not just a regular farm as is most common today, but a farm that aligns with nature.

Regular farming today

The biggest amount of farms in 2019 are monoculture farms. Someone that becomes a farmer, just farms one crop. You’re a potato farmer, a strawberry farmer, a mushroom farmer. It’s mostly just one thing. Massive pieces of land transformed into zones with little life. There’s no diversity. The soil turns dead, because the same nutrients have been extracted from the soil over and over. There’s little life. Mostly, pesticides are commonly used too.

Sustainable farming

I don’t really know what has caused the system to become like this. I guess it’s more profitable to grow just one crop and grow non-organic. I’ve read a book about Dutch farmers a while back and I’ll share that with you soon too. Money is chosen over ecology. But that won’t get us anywhere over the long term. The complete opposite, a farm in harmony with nature, that is what we need. And that is where The Biggest Little Farm comes in.

The Biggest Little Farm by John Chester

The Biggest Little Farm

In The Biggest Little Farm John and Molly Chester chase a long treasured dream. They saved a dog and realized the time to chase their dream was now (what animals can do with you, right?). They bought a massive piece of land that is totally dead. It had been used as a traditional farm for years. A monoculture farm with little life, which caused everything to be dead. They wanted to make it come alive again! They contact an expert on sustainable farming and start their journey. The film shows the process of it all. The ups and the downs. They face many challenges, but it is so rewarding to see how they handle to situations by listening to nature. They thrive!

‘Our version of a farm would be different. Plant, wildlife, livestock, all working together’ – John Chester

The ultimate dream

This film secretly shows one of my wildest dreams. I guess it’s a bit alike the documentary Sustainable.┬áHaving a big piece of land that works in harmony with nature. I would only want it to feed my own family, but John and Molly make their living out of it! Oh my, I am telling you, this film is a dream! I do love that they have livestock, since they need that for their farm. Animals are a part of the whole system. But, I don’t like the fact that they eat the animals and the animal products. You know, since I’m vegan. I would want animals too, but I would let them die a natural death and then bury them. But that’s just a personal thing I think. Anyway, The Biggest Little Farm can be seen on Netflix.

Have you seen the film already? If yes, what did you think about it?

Yours sincerely,

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