This is a Good Guide by Marieke Eyskoot

Sometimes, I get the question on where to start. Where to start a sustainable lifestyle, and how to. If you don’t live sustainable, there are many paths to walk. And what is sustainable? I like to translate it as within the earth’s capacity, since you can measure that. I understand that it can get overwhelming, because there are so many ways to start. Luckily, there are people who develop guides, or paths as you may call them. One of them is This is a Good Guide by Marieke Eyskoot. And so there it is, a book which makes you understand where to start.

Start with the biggest impact

To know what’s harming the environment most, I advise you to read The Hidden Impact. I am not going into that too much today, because I’ve written a blogpost about that book. You can even calculate your own impact, to see where you can improve the most. And then, from there I advise you to start with the biggest thing, or the thing you like to do first.

Then what?

Okay, so then you know what’s causing the biggest impact on the planet. Time to change. But how, and where? That’s where the book from Eyskoot comes in. The book highlights mostly initiatives and examples in my opinion. So, for example you’ve learned that you should cut down on your meat consumption. In the guide of Eyskoot you can now find exactly where you can eat more sustainable. She highlights good brands and places.

It is a guide, but also a book

You can use it like that, as a guide. See what you’re interested in and then look that up and see what you can change. Recently learned more about the fashion industry and what it’s doing to the world? Good, then you can find the alternatives in Eyskoot’s book, fair fashion and sustainable fashion. Even though it is a guide, you can read it just as well as a book too, which I did. In every chapter she highlights a problem area, and then she gives you the tools (brands, places and methods) to solve the problem. As I just mentioned there is a chapter about fashion, but also about cosmetics, leisure, knowledge and more. So, if you’re just getting started on a new lifestyle, a sustainable one, this is your guide.

What I love about the book

I love the fact that this guide not only talks about the problem, but also gives you tools to solve it. Eyskoot talks about fast fashion and what’s the problem with that. Okay, good. But then she also says: ‘Hey, here are some brands that are good, and you can switch to them’. So, she tackles a problem, but also the solution and that’s why it’s so accessible for people who are trying to live more sustainable, but don’t know how yet. This is a good guide, for a sustainable lifestyle.

And what if you’re not new in sustainable living?

I like to think that I’m not new, and I’ve read it haha! There’s a lot to learn still, you know. I learned about some great new brands and initiatives which I didn’t know before. So,   this guide is good for everyone. What I did think, is that the book does focus a lot on fair fashion, and less on all the other topics. That’s quite logical, because she’s an expert on that topic. So, in my opinion this is a good guide for a sustainable lifestyle, but with the accent on fair fashion. Yes, that’s a good way to describe it.

I loved the book! It is also sooo aesthetically pleasing. Oh my, the book is beautiful! The lay-out is clean and to the point, which I love. And the pictures and added facts in the sidelines are so good as well.

I think it is quite clear: you should read this. Because this is a good guide.

Have you read This is a Good Guide by Marieke Eyskoot?

Yours sincerely,

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