Trying to stop flying

I flew for the last time

Today it’s time to share a confession, one you’re not going to like. Because today I’m sharing about flying. The past years I have flown a lot. At least once a year, sometimes more. This in not sustainable at all. And even though I try to do better, I am going on holiday by plane again soon. I want to share this, because this sustainability journey is a proces for me too. However, my intention is to try to stop flying.

My Flying History

Most things I’ve shared so far are about living zero waste. This makes it look like I’m doing fairly well already, but I want to be honest here. I have been flying to holiday destinations since I was eight years old. Mostly in Europe, but sometimes even further. I want to do better, but I also want to travel the world. Personally, I love seeing new places and I want this sustainability journey to be fun too. I will travel still, but currently I’m figuring out a way to this sustainable.

Since I Started this Journey

Since I started this sustainability journey (which has mostly been about a zero waste lifestyle so far), I’ve traveled one time by plane. My dad and I go on a holiday together each year. I can’t convince him yet to go by bus (that would be much more sustainable) and I understand that. This is my journey, not his. Also, my friends and I went on a holiday by bus last year, but they hated that so much that this isn’t an option for them anymore. Again, that’s not my decision. If I were to travel alone, I would go by bus or train. But I don’t ever travel alone. It’s a a struggle and I don’t know what is going to happen next time I’m planning a holiday. However, from now on I am trying to stop flying.

Making the Best out of It

Okay, for now I can’t do much about this coming plane trip anymore. And so, I am going to share what little I can do to make this a tiny bit more sustainable. I know this is not the solution (gosh, I wish electrical planes excisted). But while I’m looking for the real solution, I’m going to do the next few things:

  1. Compensate my flight. There are companies who can do this for you, but be aware: most are a scam. Trees For All  is however a reliable partner for this (this not an affiliate link or anything, but I know by doing research about it). Multiple sources say Trees For All is a good company. You pay extra money and Trees for All compensates your flight by planting trees. Those then take up the CO2 you’ve emitted.
  2. Travel as lightly as possible. I am trying to take as little belongings as I can. Less weight means the plane would need to use less fuel. It’s tough sometimes, but I’v managed to get as low as 6 kilos!
  3. Also, take your own food and drinks with you for the flight. Take your own lunch box and drinking bottle. This means you don’t have to buy anything on your way (which saves you money) and this also saves waste. There are almost no zero waste options for food on airplanes. After all these flights I’ve learned that you are allowed to take an empty bottle with you through security. Once you get through you can fill it again in the bathrooms.

That’s it for now. I know it’s not a lot, but I’m going to figure this out!

Are you also trying to stop flying?

Yours sincerely,

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