Vegan ‘Egg’ Salad Recipe

I’ve been living a vegan lifestyle for about 2.5 years now. It’s been wonderful and I can’t imagine myself ever changing my diet again. Since I’ve gone vegan there are a lot more vegan alternatives for non-vegan products than before. Everything has become even easier! However, this does not mean that there is a substitute for every non-vegan product yet. And so today I am sharing a recipe for a product that can’t be bought vegan in the supermarkets just yet: ‘Egg’ salad.

Conventional Egg Salad

I’ve written a post about the ethical reasons why I don’t consume eggs, you can read that here. However, before going vegan I did consume eggs. And egg salad. Mostly on birthdays and barbecues, since in The Netherlands it’s mostly eaten on toasts and baguette slices. When I went vegan I haven’t really missed it, but around Christmas last year I was thinking of some toppings to put on toasts during dinner. I usually eat all kinds of hummus, vegan mayonaise with spices, meat replacers and sometimes some vegan chicken curry sauce or vegan chicken sate sauce. I must say: I have a lot of choice already. But I wanted to see if some things I hadn’t found or made yet can be replicated.

Vegan ‘Egg’ Salad

I’ve literally succeeded the first time I made this salad. It’s that easy (believe me, I am not a master-chef)! It made me think of how much a non-vegan egg salad relies on the spices, because I think the vegan ‘egg’ salad tastes just the same! Herbs are magical. The vegan ‘egg’ salad is made with tofu instead of boiled eggs but you barely taste that. Tofu has the same structure as a boiled egg and with the spices it all comes together. I would recommend to cut the tofu in really tiny blocks, since it’s about the structure not the taste of the tofu. The tofu does not dominate cut in small pieces. I’ve found the recipe I personally use via a fellow sustainability blogger Zaailingen. And so, all credits go to her for this recipe!

Recipe for a vegan ‘egg’ salad

  • Organic tofu (this one from Smaakt is zero waste as well, but you can also make it yourself)
  • Vegan Mayonaise (I prefer Mayolijn from Remia, it’s the best brand ever and zero waste)
  • Organic unsweetened plant-based yoghurt (I buy this one at Ekoplaza, but you can also make soy yoghurt yourself)
  • Organic curry Powder
  • Organic Black Pepper
  • Organic Salt
  • Organic forest onion or chives (extra cheap if you grow this yourself)
  • Optional: kala namak (I haven’t been able to find this organic)

Just mix all ingredients together and tadaaa: vegan ‘egg’ salad! I listed almost all ingredients organic since I think it’s the most sustainable and I prefer this myself.

Enjoy your egg salad!

Yours sincerely,

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