Vegan Taste Test: Brie and Shrimps

The past weeks I have tested two vegan products which are a little different from the things I normally buy. A while ago I went to visit de Vegabond in Amsterdam. A tiny vegan heaven. They serve vegan lunch and so you can sit in, but they also offer vegan products to buy. I didn’t have lunch but I did buy some of the products they sell to take home. After all, I bought quite a lot and I want to share a part of my findings with you today. I did a vegan taste test with brie and shrimps!

Why Would I eat Fake Animal Products?

If you’re not vegan you might not understand. If I don’t eat animal products, why would I eat something that is supposed to taste the same? I am a convinced vegan, there is no doubt there. I have never had regrets about that decision. However, I didn’t go vegan because I didn’t like the taste of animal products. I went vegan for other reasons. I didn’t want animals to suffer, the planet to be destroyed or people to be hungry. So, yes, I did always like the taste. And that’s the reasons why I’m searching for a vegan alternatives that taste the same (or just as good) but doesn’t have these other negative effects.

Why Would I Buy Products in Plastic

I’ve written an extensive post about the exceptions I make on plastic, you can read that here. I make exceptions on plastic when it comes to meat-replacements and other vegan replacements because I can’t live without them. Simple. Being vegan is more important than living zero waste when you look at the impact. These replacements make going vegan 80% easier and so that’s why I choose to buy them still.

Okay, now onto the taste tests:

Vantastic Foods: Veggie Scampi’s

Okay, I am going to be straight with you. I do not like this. Not at all. I tried this products first because my expectations were very high. Vegan shrimps, oh my! Before I went vegan I really liked the taste of fish, especially gamba’s and salmon. But this doesn’t even come close. I ate the scampi’s with rice, vegetables and teriyaki sauce. Usually this makes a great dish. I though the scampi’s would sort of take over the flavor from the sauce. I took a first bite and it was horrible. The structure is like rubber and it has a weird ‘tasteless’ flavor.

No, this is not for me. I didn’t even eat them all because I just couldn’t do it. I hate to give it to you. But well, sometimes this happens. I have some scampi’s left and I thought about marinating them overnight but the structure is just so bad that I won’t do this. I would not recommend this product at all.

Price: 6,25 euro for 300 gram at de Vegabond or 6,49 euros at Vegan Fitness
Rating: 1/5

Almond Brie by The Nourishing Garden

I wish I had a really positive rating for this second products. But my reaction when I tasted this was not positive per se. This product does not taste like brie unfortunately. It didn’t have a specific taste at all, it was kind of flat. The taste is okay, not disgusting or anything. Better than the shrimps haha. I ate the brie first like I would normally do with non-vegan brie. On a piece of baguette with nothing else. As I said, the flavor is really boring.

And so, I tried it melted. I made a grilled cheese sandwich with the vegan brie, walnuts and syrup. My boyfriend recommended this. This was a little better. It was okay but it didn’t make me that happy. This product is a typical ‘mwah’. Not good, not bad either. I would not buy it again and I wouldn’t recommend you to buy it. Too bad, I really wish this was as good as non-vegan brie.

Price: 7,95 (!) euros for 175 grams at de Vegabond
Rating: 2 á 3/5

Well, those were two big disappointments. I traveled all the way to Amsterdam for these products haha. But well, if you don’t try anything you’ll never know. Maybe this is a good thing since a vegan whole-foods diet is best for me anyway. Whole grains, veggies and fruits. However, I will continue the search. Vegan shrimps and brie would be nice every once in a while.

Have you ever had the vegan brie and shrimps from this taste test?

Yours sincerely,

4 thoughts on “Vegan Taste Test: Brie and Shrimps”

  1. Oi, die scampi’s zien er naar uit. Niet dat seafood altijd zo lekker oogt, maar dat herken je tenminste. Die ingrediëntenlijst (voor wat ik ervan kan zien) is ook niet echt mals…

    1. Ja klopt wel. Maar ik vond het wel het proberen waard. Ik ken veel dingen van de ingrediëntenlijst niet heel goed, dus de smaak die eraan kwam zag ik helaas niet zo aankomen hahaha. Dit is geen blijvertje!

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