Volunteering At The Gouda Clean-up

As I’ve written before, I went to my second volunteering activity with Greenpeace on March 4th. On a lovely Saturday noon I went Gouda, because we were going to clean the streets (and the canals) together with The Party for the Animals, the local Greenpeace group of Rotterdam and anyone else who wanted to join. It was an inspiring day for me and I had loads of fun too! I went volunteering at the Gouda Clean-up.

Going by Train

In the morning, while I was in the train on my way to the event, I was excited but a little nervous too. I didn’t really know what to expect, it was only my second event I attended. And I am not the greatest expert when it comes to public transportation (yet).

The Clean-Up

When I got there, it was all explained clearly. The day was going to be split in half. Two times two hours, with a lunch inbetween. The first round I went with a small group to pick up trash from the streets, armed with a trash bag and a stick to pick up the trash. I found the strangest things, varying from perfume to cleaning supplies (the irony).

The second round I joined the canoe team, which was also present that day. This I liked even more. In a Greenpeace canoe, pedaling through the canals of Gouda, to clean them up! Yes, this is what makes me happy. We found even stranger things here, a bike, to mention one! It was really heavy and so people who happened to pass by and saw us eventually helped us get one out of the canal. Teamwork at its best.

My Experience

Besides that I feel amazing and energized after a day like this, it’s always nice to meet so many like-minded people who are also trying to make a change and raise awareness. It makes me feel supported, I don’t have to fight this alone. I was also surprised with the people who passed by and gave us compliments all day. Even thought they asked us if we got paid to do this, which makes me laugh haha. Maybe I inspired someone that day. You never know, right?

Those were my experience with volunteering at The Gouda Clean-up.

Yours sincerely,

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