Volunteering opportunity: NLdoet

Volunteering Opporunity NLdoet

The 11th of March it is national volunteering-day in The Netherlands. NLdoet is the Dutch organization which plays a big role in this day, they organize actions throughout all of The Netherlands. Painting jobs, planting flowers, spending time with the elderly, there are all kinds of things which you can do. This way, everyone can make The Netherlands a little better on the 11th of March. And I was one of those people! Today I’ll tell you about that volunteering opportunity: NLdoet.

Zero Waste Volunteering

NLdoet is very well-known, even our own queen takes part each year! This year she planted some flowers at a community house. I wanted to write a little bit about this day, because it was loads of fun and has to do with an eco-positive lifestyle! It was the first time I went and the action I attended was a clean-up (surprise!). It could be compared with the clean-up I recently did in Gouda. This time I didn’t attend alone, a friend of mine came along! We also sometimes do this together on a random day, picking up trash from the streets in Enschede. Unfortunately, some weird looks from other people are still included in that.

The Clean-Up

The action was from 9 AM till 1 pm in Boekelo, which is a nearby town. There was also an action in Enschede (my home-town), but I only had free time in the morning. For me, it doesn’t matter where I clean up. Whether that’s near my house our not. Every bit of trash that I pick up isn’t in nature any longer! We were the youngest people attending, which didn’t surprise me but is a bit of a disappointment. People who have retired have more time, but it is our planet too. We were also the only ones not from Boekelo, which surprised me. Everybody was very thankful to each other! Fun fact: somebody asked if we were mother and daughter! I wonder which one I was supposed to be haha (we are 18/19).

Cleaning up the streets felt really good, it always does. I really love that feeling afterwards too, so rewarding. I also get more skilled with the stick to pick up the trash haha. We did however had to wear fluorescent vests to show that we were one group. But that made me feel like we were in community service. ‘Hello, no, this is volunteering. I didn’t commit any crime’.

After the Clean-Up

After the clean-up we also got food! This was my first time trying zucchini soup and it sure won’t be my last, hmmm. I talked to some people and I found out that there is a great initiative in Boekelo concerning waste. The have this adopt-a-street thing set up. Everyone can adopt one street and then keep that particular street clean. This way the whole town stays clean and people feel responsible. I was impressed and maybe I can set up such a thing in my own home-town!. That’s how these actions help me as well. Then give me fresh energy ├índ fresh ideas!

If you’ve missed it, next year on the 11th of March there is a new opportunity of course! You can attend an activity, like a clean-up or a painting gig. But you can also organize something yourself! If you know a good cause, you can sign the gig up at NLdoet. Pick something you like, I’d say. And maybe till next year!

Have you ever taken a volunteering opportunity for NLdoet?

Yours sincerly,

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