Weekly diary #10: I celebrated my birthday!

Weekly diary #10: I celebrated my birthday!

Hi and welcome back to this 10th weekly diary! I’ve decided to elaborate the titles a little bit as you can see haha. Here’s weekly diary #10: I celebrated my birthday!


Today wasn’t such a special day. I went to school and worked on school in the library for a few hours afterwards. On my way home I got soaked by the rain. Summer is my season, then it’s warm! I like winter least due to the weather. But there are things I do like. Christmas with the family and New Years Eve for example. At night I had another handball training. Saturday is our first game again. Exciting!


A day off from school and so I decided to not set an alarm. On the one hand I like waking up by the sun, very slowly. But on the other hand I also like to sleep in a very dark room, with roller shutters. When I sometimes sleepover at family I always wake up by the sun because they don’t have those roller shutters and then I really enjoy that. Maybe I should do some research too, to see what’s best for my health. Today I also took some steps again for my businessplan and did some things for my to-do list. I handed in my first test for school. A report on how you can make your house as sustainable as possible. I also made myself a good smoothie. A while ago I had one at the Broodbode and I really liked it. With spinach, soy milk and a banana. A good way to get in some vitamins!


I got up early because I was doing a canteen shift at the baseball club of my brother. My parents don’t want to and so they have to pay or send someone in their place. That’s me, but I’m receiving the money they save too. It really made me think about volunteering. I want to do it, but it’s hard to combine with school and my job. I also downloaded a new app on my iPad today and I must say now, I’m addicted to SimCity… We had our first handball game today with the handball team and we won! 19-17! It was great to play again and go into the city center after the game with some of the players. It’s been a while since I drank alcohol, I only do it together with others. I asked for a cocktail without a straw, but instead I got two! Well, at least I tried. It was a fun night after all.


I had a few fun things planned today. First up, my vegetable garden. It was time to harvest the carrots. And that really showed me how uniform all carrots in the stores look because mine had really different forms. Beauty comes in all shapes, right? All things I harvest but don’t eat I put back onto the soil so that the plants can take the nutrients from that compost. You’ll never see me sweeping leaves in the garden either, I think it’s a waste of time and effort. They look pretty, feed the soil and serve as a shelter for animals/insects! What I did sweep today was waste. I went trash-picking with a friend again. We made a Facebook page too, I’ll tell you more about that soon when it’s launched. We also baked a cake together. My dad had already bought a package to make an apple crumble pie. A bit of a bummer because I wanted to make a vegan cake. But sweet! He didn’t have to buy it but he did. We used the apples from our garden to make the pie, these are a little too sour to eat raw. No waste, we even left the peels on. At night I got back to my SimCity addiction and watched some tv.


I was off from school, but I did work from 7 till 5 at my part-time job. It was the first time I worked alone, but it all went well. After work my boyfriend came by, since it’s my birthday tomorrow! We couldn’t wait and already ate some of the apple crumble pie. But we did have something to celebrate already, today I had the honor of welcoming the 1000st visitor on this blog! Wiehoee! After only a year, I’m so proud. Thank you!


It’s my birthday! I turned 19! I already ate some cake yesterday, but today between classes my boyfriend and I went to Choco in Deventer. Soooo good! Unfortunately they had no vegan options. But it was a good way to spend lunchtime. I felt all energized back at school afterwards. Going to school at all is a privilege I have, but on your birthday it’s even more special. My boyfriend gifted me a day at the spa and a dinner afterwards. Yes, experiences! After a whole year I forgot how fun birthdays are. It was a fun day!

foto 3


What did I have for breakfast today? Cake! Yes, we had some leftovers and those are not going into the bin. What a way to start a day. Cake at 6:45 in the morning. I wish I could live like this every day, it’s good. Today I got up early, but not for class. I did have class but I went to school early to work on my businessplan. This way I can do a lot throughout the day. After school my grandpa and grandma came by for cake. That was the last of it, I promise.

Yours sincerely,

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