Weekly diary #100: waiting for my thesis result

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary, number 100! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for one-hundred weeks! I enjoy it (and I hope you do too) and so I’m planning to continue this for a while! In this weekly diary I want to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. The past week I got back to the gym, mended some clothes and waited for my thesis result. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #100.


Today I woke up quite early since my boyfriend left for work and that wakes me up too. I decided to go to the gym and start the day off well. This was the first time I exercised after my holiday and so it had been about three weeks. I’m quite done with the gym. I would love to do more team-sports (like handball) and be outside. But for now I don’t really have the budget to do that every day. For now, this is fine because it makes me feel energetic. After that I worked at my part-time job and after work I had one delivery for the pick-up point from Loose. Getting some package free orders out the door!



Today I had a day off from my part-time job. I laid in bed as long as I wanted and went to the gym afterwards again, that feels good! Also, I am still working out the whole meditation thing, some days I do it but I forget to meditate on most days. I just can’t get it into my habits just yet. Also, I made a good smoothie for myself again today, let’s get those vitamins in! I also went to the library to lend some books. I love to be in the library, it makes me feel so comfy (I sound like such a nerd haha!). And I mended a pair of leggings which had a whole in there. I am very proud of that haha. Repairing old clothes is so important. Instead of just buying something new (which is not sustainable at all) I mend the old things and it works just fine. I save the earth and my wallet.


Today I worked at my part-time job the entire day. Once back home my family decided to barbecue! The weather is great and I love barbecues. Lovely vegan burgers, a good salad, bread with humous, it’s all there! A lovely dinner and then it was time for me to get to the train-station. I was going to spend the rest of my weekend with my boyfriend. And even though I own a drivers license now, I try to use public transportation as much as I can. It’s the most sustainable way to get to my boyfriend traveling alone. Once there he was also barbecuing with a friend and we had a lovely night.


Sunday, funday! Even though I got my drivers license I still need to practice sometimes to keep up, so today I drove when we getting ice-cream in another town. The weather was lovely and the vegan ice-cream was amazing. Did you know they have vegan ice-cream in almost every ice-cream shop? That is always great. It does make me sad seeing other people eat so much dairy, but I am hoping that will change sometime soon! We decided to also go to a birthday party we were invited to and we had a really good time, it was fun!


Today I am free from my part-time job. This week I only have to work in the weekend. I did a lot of things which were on my to-do list. I made some phone-calls, worked on my webshop, worked on my blog, published a Youtube video. It was a good day! At night, my boyfriend, a friend and I wanted to go play tennis but all the courts were already takes. That was a bummer. But one of our friends has a pool and so we went over there to swim instead!

Weekly diary #100


Today was content day. And so, I spend almost the entire day on a Youtube video I am planning to publish anytime soon. I edited that same video for a bit and another video too. Honestly, I love making Youtube videos! I hope to inspire some people and get the eco-positive message out! For the rest of the day I watched Are You The One Season 7. I realized I hadn’t seen that season yet haha and so I binged watched it. I love that show. Today I also got a lot of responds to my Instagram story about the fact that I am against equestrian sport (horse riding). I had a lot of interesting conversations about it and I feel like I made people think. I think equestrian sport is wrong because we use horses as an instrument and I am against using animals. Especially because it’s to pleasure us. I feel like horses shouldn’t be used by humans, period.


I’ve handed in my thesis about two weeks ago. I didn’t sleep very well and all of today I’ve been nervous because I expected school to call today. My future depends on it and so I need to know. If I pass I will be at the University of Amsterdam (VU) next week and if I fail I need to wait for a whole year. I just need to know. They said they’d check my thesis before the 29th of August because the new semester in Amsterdam is starting next and I need to get approval to start. But it’s almost 4 pm and I still haven’t received a call. I think I am calling my teacher myself tonight to see what’s happening because I need to know. This is just nerve-racking. In the end I did end up contacting my teacher and she says she’ll tell me tomorrow. We ended uo getting dinner at an Indian restaurant and it was lovely. I had a delicious vegan meal. At night I went home to Enschede using public transportation again!

How has your week been?

Yours sincerely,

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