Weekly diary #101: new beginnings at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam

Hi there! Welcome into this new weekly diary. It’s the 101st and it literally means a new chapter of my life. In this blog I want to show you how I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle and what this looks like on a daily basis. The past week I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences ├índ started immediately at the Vrije Universiteit (free university) of Amsterdam. A new beginning! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #101.


Today is the day. My teacher told me she would call me today to let me know if I graduated or not. I barely slept. My future literally depends on this. Will I graduate and be able to go to the University or will I have a gap year? I had a dentist appointment that morning and while I was in the chair I got a call from school. And well, since I was in the middle of the treatment, I didn’t answer the phone. The dentist asked me who it was and I said: ‘Oh well, it’s school’. And he was surprised ‘Why would school call you in the summer holiday?’. I laughed ‘They will call me to let me know if I graduated’. He was in shock haha ‘Then you should pick up the phone!’. I didn’t since I felt like it was rude. I did however reach to my bag and my phone to put in on silent. While I did that I saw the text from my teacher: ‘Congratulations, you’ve graduated’. I had to control myself so I wouldn’t cry. I have worked for this for the past four years and now I did it. Such an unrealistic moment. I can’t really describe it. After I failed the first time, this was such a relief. I said it out loud and me and my dentist were basically the first two persons to celebrate my graduation haha! After the appointment (my teeth are still fine) I went home as quick as I could to celebrate and call my family. A friend came over and we had a lunch at Bagels and Beans together. And after that we ate vegan Bitterballen (a Dutch snack). The Bitterballen are the snack from the company I wrote my thesis for, I wrote a communication-plan for the Bitterballen. I had saved the box until I officially graduated and ate it with my friend and family. What a day! I am the proudest girl ever.


Yesterday was not all fun and celebration because my admission for the Vrije Universiteit (where I wanted to go after my bachelor to do a master) wasn’t complete just yet. They needed my diploma before Saturday, so today was basically the very last day I could finish my application. I don’t have my diploma just yet because the official ceremony is in December. Therefore I had to ask my exam board for a special document, signed and with stamp and all, to proof that I had actually graduated. I made about 100 phone-calls yesterday and it was okay. Today I had to pass by Deventer and then to Amsterdam to hand over the document. It went well, but once in Amsterdam there was a line for the student desk. 120 other people were in line in front of me. But to be honest, after I graduated, I didn’t care about it, nothing could stop me anymore. I just patiently sat in the chair for my turn, it would be okay. Eventually, when there were about 70 people still in front of me, a lady came by for people who needed to hand in documents. I could hand in my document and then I went back to Enschede. I also had to arrange some other stuff, signing out from my old school, making sure I get a student pass for free public transportation, all that. After a long day I managed to do everything and it was all set. I was going to go to Amsterdam on Monday to do a premaster program!


Today I also posted a Youtube video online. In this video I explain (in Dutch) how you can live an eco-positive lifestyle


Today I worked at my part-time job from 7:30 till 17:00. Nothing too special. At night I had a tv-show night at home with dad. Just watching some tv-shows and chilling, so good sometimes.


Maybe you’ve noticed, but I haven’t been to the gym in a while, where I used to go a lot. Today I felt like going again but I slept too long haha, my boyfriend came over in the morning. We decided to go walking in a forest nearby and it was lovely. Then I worked at my part-time job again during the day. After work my grandparents came over as well and we drank some champagne to celebrate my graduation! We also went for dinner in the city centre. I was allowed to pick a restaurant, so I picked De Basis in Enschede (Update 2022: the restaurant was closed down). They work with seasonal food (sometimes even from their own garden) and have a lot of vegan options. We had a 3-course surprise dinner, because the menu wasn’t available. They were going to change the menu in a few weeks and so they were now finishing all the leftovers. Such a good idea! I had a lovely meal, delicious and so special! I would definitely go there again.


Today is really a new beginning. I am going to Amsterdam by train to go to the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. I am going to do a premaster there for Environment and Resource Management and I am so exited! My first impressions is very good. I have lovely classmates and the first class I had was interesting. Even the books you are required to read are something I would read myself. I am sure this is my thing and that makes me feel so happy! It makes me feel like I am really in the right spot! I am exited to learn new things and to get to know everyone even better. After school I went to Haarlem. For the next five months of the premaster I’ll be living with family in Haarlem. I have my own room and bathroom there and it’s about 40 minutes by train from school. Perfect! Everything is working out so well for me.


Now that school begins again it’s time for some meal prepping! Today I made some simple sandwiches for school and there you have a zero waste meal. As breakfast (at 11:30 haha) I ate some soy-yoghurt with fruits. At night they cook vegan here for me as well so I am very spoiled again haha! I go to school by train and bike, that is the most sustainable option for me and it is all free because of my student card. Also, I want to share a tip with you my aunt showed me today. She keeps a bowl in the sink so that all the water goes in there. As long as you don’t use soap, you can use the water for your plants. Now that’s zero waste! When you do use soap, you can just drain the water in the sink.


Yesterday I did some online research for student associations which I can join, since I would really like to do that here in Amsterdam. So, today with a classmate I visited some associations and we think we will join the sailing student association. It seems so cool to me! And I might as well join the student association from my own department in school as well. I also looked for a handball team in Haarlem at it looks like I’ll be training handball here in Haarlem from next week on as well! For now I just feel so happy. This new beginning, new city, new people, it makes me feel so full of energy. I wake up excited!

How has your week been?

Yours sincerely,

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