Weekly diary #102: discovering my new hometown

Hi! Welcome back into my weekly diary. I am so happy and excited these weeks and I hope it comes across here. I have positive energy to save the world! Back for a week full of vegan food, sustainable clothing, sustainable traveling and even a sustainable education. The past week I discovered more about my new hometown Haarlem, had my first handball training again and also made a Youtube video! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #102.


My school schedule changes every week basically. This week I am free today, or at least no classes. I decided to first do some homework and then do a little city discovery in Haarlem. Well, I did some homework till 4 pm. Since it is week 1, I have to do the homework for week 1 ánd 2 since you have to be prepared for the upcoming lessons beforehand. And since I couldn’t do anything before week 1, this week is double. But that is fine! I immediately notice that I like this homework, which means I chose the right premaster! I enjoy reading the books and watching the videos. That makes me so happy! Well, after that homework and a small tomato soup at 4 pm, I decided to go walking in Haarlem to get to know the city. Now that I live here too I’d love to know more about it. My aunt has this little book with a small route in it in which you get to see the highlights of Haarlem. I was away for about 2/3 hours I think. I forgot time and that is amazing. The walk was gorgeous and Haarlem is a beautiful city!


Today I did have one class and then I went back to Enschede. Since I like to keep my part-time job, I go home in the weekends. It’s an easy way home, just one train-sit from 2 hours and no transits. I love public transportation since it’s sustainable and I can do some work in the train.


I woke up quite early since I had a lot to do today. Once downstairs I thought I might as well walk the dog since everybody else was still asleep and that way they get some more sleep. It’s been a while since I did some trash-picking while I walked our dog, I just forget every time. Of course, I do pick up the dog poop, because well, that’s the social and environmentally friendly thing to do. I did some grocery shopping for Loose because I had an order today. I prepared the order and brought it to the pick-up point. Great! Then I did some homework while I ate some scrambled tofu for breakfast. It’s such a lovely vegan breakfast! Some tofu, black salt (kala namak) and curcuma and tadaaa. At 12 pm I worked at my part-time job till 8 pm. At work I cut my finger really bad. Normally I don’t use band aids but this cut wouldn’t stop bleeding and I had work to do, so I did use a band aid this time. Normally I’d say that the zero waste solution for a cut is to just wait and use a tiny bit of water to flush the blood. That does the trick for me usually, just not this one time and that’s okay. I stayed in the rest of the night since all my friends were busy or not in town and my boyfriend is currently in Madrid (I’m jealous, can you tell?).


Another day in which I woke up early, this time not by alarm. I decided to walk the dog again and then do a group class in the gym. That felt really good, since I hadn’t gone in a while. Once back home I took a shower and I did some homework. Today I was supposed to go to a running event in Enschede with a friend (to watch obviously, hahaha), but it rained the whole day and so we called it off. I finished a lot of homework that day, since I could not go anywhere haha! But at night I did have a delivery for Loose so I went to that customer, but unfortunately they weren’t home which really sucks. I sent an e-mail and next Friday I’’ll deliver it again. Dad cooked some dinner for us that night and after that I edited a vlog.

I made a vlog of today and put it on Youtube, you can watch it here.


School day. I packed my bags and went off to Amsterdam again. I wore a fully thrifted outfit today which always makes me proud. However, the jacket I was wearing has polyester inside it so it makes me feel really uncomfortable and sweaty. I have decided to bring it to the thrift shop next time because I am phasing out polyester from my wardrobe, but sometimes I like something so much that I still buy it. I wrote a post about this purchase, you can read that here. But in the end it turns out that polyester just doesn’t work for me once again. I should have known that, better luck next time. Also, I took the leftovers from yesterday with me to school. I do that a lot! Sometimes I even cook more just so I can bring lunch the next day, it saves money and waste! Win-win. On Monday I just have one class and so I was home quite early. I sent a lot of e-mails, because I wanted to let everybody know that I have expanded Loose to all of The Netherlands! I am so excited and a lot of people have shown interest in the past years.


On Tuesday I also have just one class and so I can sleep in. Since most of my homework is reading I can stay cozy in bed and just do the reading there, which is lovely. I am all on track with the reading and homework and that feels good. I went to school for just one class and then I headed home again. Today is an exciting day! I am going to play handball again! I contacted the handball association in Haarlem and asked them if I could train with them on Tuesdays and I can. And oh my, it felt so good to be on the field again. I want more! Everybody was very friendly and I am already looking forward to next week. This is sustainable exercise in so many ways. We don’t use up much electricity (like in a gym) and I exercise while it doesn’t even feel like that. So, for my health it’s sustainable too. I want to do more group-sports but it’s hard because every week is different for me. My school schedule, work, work for Loose, my blog, seeing my friends, seeing my boyfriend, I want to all those things too. For now, this is fine.


Today is a very long day since I have school from 9am till 3 pm and then I’ll go back to Enschede. Not very convenient, but I have to work tomorrow. At school we have a lot of buildings and stairs and our first class was at the 13thfloor. I always take the stairs, even if it’s at the 15thfloor. This way I just try to make exercise easy for me, this keeps me healthy. I have to get to the 13thfloor anyway, why not make it an exercise moment? It’s a lovely way to improve your health, take the stairs. We had an interesting guest lecture today! That always makes me excited. After school I went to Enschede by train again.

What was the most sustainable thing you did last week?

Yours sincerely,

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