Weekly diary #104: an introductionweekend in Appelscha

Hi there! Welcome back into this weekly diary. In this diary I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like. The past week is rather short, since I’ve been away for about 4 days. But still, I wanted to this week. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #104.


My birthday! Today I’m turning 21! I slept till 11 am because I could. Last week I had reserved a vegan cheesecake at ETN and today I picked it up. It looked and was delicious! This was a good chance to introduce people coming to my birthday to vegan food. And as long as someone comes over in my house to eat, I cook vegan. Quite a bunch of family members came over to celebrate my birthday with me. At night, we even went out to dinner with our family at a Lebanese restaurant. I love Lebanese food! They made a lovely vegan meal for me and I brought my leftovers back home in my own lunchbox. Zero waste and vegan! It was a lovely 21st birthday and I want to thank everybody who congratulated me 🙂

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

On Friday I went off to the introduction camp of my student association! During the four years I studied at the University of Applied Sciences we didn’t have a student association. So now I’m in Amsterdam I am trying be more involved. It was a weekend in Appelscha at a farm camping with about 140 people. Before I went I didn’t know anyone so I went there alone. But everyone was so open and friendly that in the end I felt like I knew everyone. It was an amazing weekend, where we did a whole lot! Among others a dropping, a campfire, theme parties, a barbecue and more. I loved every part of it. I felt sad leaving, but I was exhausted as well. On average I slept about 3 hours a night (which tells how good it was). Anyhow, they did quite good on the vegan food. Dinner was very good every night, but breakfast was awful. It was okay, I could manage. On Monday I came back home and had planned to go my boyfriend. But when I wanted to leave my house to go to my boyfriend I decided not to go. I was so exhausted, I don’t know if I ever felt that bad. I went to bed at 3pm that day.


I slept from 3pm till 10 am today. That’s 19 hours! I needed it, but I still need some more time to feel good. Today the goal was to eat lots of vitamins to feel better! Fruits and veggies 🙂 I had one class but I could not concentrate at all. Once back in Haarlem I couldn’t find my bike in the parking spots. The lady who worked there searched for half an hour with me I think. Eventually we found it, luckily. After a good meal I went to pick up my uncle from the station by car. I hadn’t driven in three weeks and I felt anxious. This is exactly what I was afraid of! I am always stuck between driving and using the bike. The bike is environmental friendly, but I need to maintain my car skills. Today I also emptied a make-up container with skin powder. A while ago I posted my entire make-up stash up here. I am still in the process of improving. Now I finished this wasteful product and the replacement is face powder in bamboo. Progress!

Weekly diary #104


When I woke today I had hoped to feel better, but I still have some more sleeping to do apparently. I have been traveling with a backpack, sports bag and a suitcase since Friday. Consequently, I barely have any clean clothes left since the weekend. I am almost always living out of a suitcase and that sometimes sucks. I went to school for a long day and then I went to my boyfriend.

Weekly diary #104

Have you had an eco-positive week?

Yours sincerely,


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