Weekly diary #105: attending the climate strike in Den Haag

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary. In this diary I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. Every day, I try to make more positive impact while I try to minimize my negative impacts on the planet. The past week I went to strike for the climate, bought another phone and delivered some package free orders for my webshop. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #105.


Yesterday night I went to my boyfriend and so today I am staying there all day. I am free from school a lot, but I do have homework all the time. A lot of reading, watching videos, projects. I don’t mind it though, with this education I plan to make the world more sustainable! I study Environment and Resource Management at the Free University in Amsterdam and that makes me very happy. Today I spent the day mostly in bed reading articles while it was raining outside. Cosy and so peaceful. Today I also ordered my ‘new’ phone. Past Monday I wrote a full article on why I switched to another (refurbished so not new) phone, you can read that here!


Climate strike day! All over the globe people went out on the streets to strike! It’s time for policies on climate change. We as a community can do so much, and I am very proud to be part of this every single day. I feel like we as citizens do a lot! But it’s not going fast enough. We need the government to join us in this fight and that’s why I went to strike. Time for carbon taxes. I felt so inspired today seeing all the people. We are united! I believe in personal growth and responsibility, that’s why I post my journey towards an eco-positive lifestyle on here. But that responsibility is also voting and demonstrating to me. I need my voice to be heard, all of our voices. It was a wonderful day which made me very hopeful. Some people had really good signs too! I had planned on making a vlog of today as well for my Youtube channel, but all of a sudden my camera didn’t work. Once back home at noon it worked again, a bummer but luckily it wasn’t broken. So no vlog this time, but soon again! Also, today my refurbished Iphone X came in, so from now on the quality of the pictures on here will be way better, yes! I am so happy with this purchase.


Today I worked at my part-time job from 7:30 am till 12. That meant I had a lot of time left for other things, but I just felt like I needed time for myself today. I went to do some small groceries for my favorite recipe of all times, the vegan ‘tuna’ salad. During the day I did some homework, but I decided to spend the night with my favorite dinner and a good movie. Just relaxing for a day. I am not even that busy but I travel a lot and have a lot of homework so a day off is great. I decided to watch the Notebook on Netflix that night. It was on my list for a long time and it’s honestly a shame that I hadn’t seen it earlier. I loved it!


Another day of work, from 11 am till 2 pm. I didn’t work out this weekend because I left my sports clothing in Haarlem (where I live during the week). That really sucks because I love working out. Anyhow, after work I decided to make a little zero waste snack for myself. I posted the recipe of that on here too, roasted chickpeas! It had been raining all day but I had two deliveries for my package free webshop Loose today. I don’t mind doing deliveries in the rain at all, as long as the groceries don’t get wet. So I packaged the delivery box in my raincoat and went on the way! Two families have package free groceries again and that makes me very happy. After that I changed into dry clothes and watched the National Dutch team of handball ladies. They also had a match on Thursday which I watched and today was another one for the qualification of the World Championship. The next game will be in 2020.


Another day with no gym time, it frustrates me but it does mean more sleep haha. I went off to school but the train was cancelled which made me late. I hate being late, but sometimes this happens with public transportation. Today my outfit wasn’t as secondhand as usual (today only the jeans), but I can tell I am improving. Soon I’ll do another week where I’ll post my secondhand outfits because a large part of my wardrobe is secondhand now.


Another day of school with a lot of homework afterwards. Next week I have the first deadlines coming up and I am very motivated to do well. After school I finally went to workout again since I had handball training again. We train 1,5 hour but I am always bummed when it ends. I want to play more, but I can’t right now. Also I don’t play matches at the moment since I work in the weekend. I don’t know if I’ll change that anytime soon. I miss playing matches but I need a small income.

Weekly diary #105


Since I don’t work out a lot, I try to move as much I can. I bike to the bus station and walk the stairs at school. On Wednesdays we have class at the 13th floor and so that’s a good workout. After school I planned on doing some homework but meanwhile I fell asleep haha! Some days I am just exhausted. It’s not that I move a lot, but reading a lot and school stuff can me mentally exhausting. I woke up after two hours for dinner. Let’s hope I can still sleep tonight haha!

Weekly diary #105

How has you week been? I’d love to hear about your eco-positive experiences! 

Yours sincerely,

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