Weekly diary #11; I feel famous

Hi! Thanks for reading these weekly diaries. The past week I planted some new seeds in my garden, received some plants as a gift for my birthday and I felt famous. Here’s weekly diary #11.


A long school day, from 8:30 AM till 5 PM. I came across a picture on my phone which I wanted to share. At the Sziget festival I saw these billboard with a great vegetarian sandwich on it all the time. Every time I past by it I wanted to find the stand which sold the sandwich but I couldn’t find it (Sziget is massive). On one of the last days I finally found the stand and I bought the sandwich. Well, I can tell you the disappointment, but I would rather show you. It makes me think of the MacDonalds commercials. Expectations vs reality.

Weekly diary #11


Today I went to school and I also worked. That doesn’t happen a lot but I only had school for 1,5 hour. The time it takes me to get to school is longer than the time I actually spend in school on these days. But I did go and that’s the most important thing. Of course there were a lot of people present, as you can imagine #not. Anyway, that meant more quality time for me and so I am confident I will pass the test. After school I went to work and once back home I even managed to make some homework. I am a proud.


6 AM the alarm ran, because work starts at 7 AM. Another morning shift, which is great. I have a lot of time left for other things then. I went to the Welkoop (a local gardening shop) to get some cauliflower seeds afterwards. My vegetable garden is empty after last week and so I’m putting in new seeds. I have this really lovely book in which I can see which crop I can plant in which month. First, I will grow the seeds inside of our house because they can’t go outside right away. I made some ‘pots’ to sprout them in, out of toilet paper rolls. Great recycling tip! They compost if you plant them so that’s easy. I am a proud plant-mom. Afterwards my grandpa from the other side of the family came by for my birthday still. I don’t really celebrate it this year, people just stop by whenever it suits them and that’s totally fine. At night I spend most of my time on SimCity again, the addiction is still here haha.

Weekly diary #11


Sundays are for handball. Another practice game, just like last week. We won! 15-8 this time. I really liked this game and I felt like I really got into the flow today, I played well. But whenever that happens all my teammates always feel the exact opposite. For them it was a drama. Afterwards I had some more family coming by, my aunt and my grandma. My aunt gifted me some aloe vera plants, in recycled wrapping paper and secondhand flowerpots. She knows me! I want to make my room a little bit more green.


Now that I am free from school on Mondays I work, which is nice. This way I can earn some more money on the side. It was a fun working day, I made some great things. You’d think that I’d be tempted by all the good food in my hands, but this is not at all the case. None of it is vegan and so I don’t eat anything. Once back home I received a message from someone I don’t know on Facebook about my zero waste lifestyle. I felt a little famous haha!


I weighed myself today and I had lost weight. Even after all those days of eating cake. I think this is a sign. I need to eat cake all the time! During lunchtime at school I went into the city center of Deventer with my boyfriend and we went by Bakker Bart. I made a picture because this is a great place where you can buy zero waste bread. Just bring your own bag. Once back in Enschede I returned a book to the library. I’ve finished a great book which I’ll share on here soon! After dinner I had handball training for the last time outside. It’s getting too cold and dark and so we’re going to train inside from now on.

Bakker Bart


Today I went to school with a repaired bag! On my holiday to Budapest my backpack had broken. But that doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of the bag, only the thing that closes the bag broke. I brought it to the tailer and he repaired the bag for just 12 euros. Great! I don’t have to buy anything new this way. It is a secondhand bag I once got from my aunt so it’s quite old already. It is made out of leather, but that’s okay for now. I only buy leather when it’s secondhand, I would never buy it new. That’s not vegan or vegetarian. For now I just try to use the bag for as long as I can. A while back I also brought a pencil case to the tailer. But then he told me it would be cheaper if I just bought a new one. That’s such a flaw in the economy, sometimes buying new is cheaper than repairing something old. Eventually I asked him to still repair it because I don’t want to buy a new one. I got this one from my grandparents. Once at school one of my grades was lowered! I got a 10/10 in the first place, but they decided to make it a 9.3. It’s ridiculously high still, but I just don’t think this is allowed. A grade is a grade. If you then lower it afterwards that’s just stupid. I bragged about it already hahah. I never got a 10/10 before. Unfortunately I have to accept it because the teachers have the final say. It was for the course sustainable accommodation. And this week I learned there that if you burn waste and then generate energy from that, this is considered ‘sustainable’ energy. Such a shame, I think that’s wrong. Once back at home me and my dad ate a recipe from the book Vegalicious which I got for my birthday last year. It was delicious! In a minute I will watch a game of the Dutch handball ladies team in the European Championship. Yes!

Yours sincerely,

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