Weekly diary #12: I still celebrated my birthday

This week I still celebrated my birthday with people, I watched a new documentary and the new handball season started! Here’s weekly diary #12.


It was a bit of a shitty day. Yes, I have those too. Eventually my handball training was a lot of fun and so that made things better. And we watched a small part of the documentary Cowspiracy upon my request at school. I also missed another episode of the tv-show we watch with the family. I decided to quit it.


Today I was free from school and I had a dentist appointment. Good news! I had no cavities and barely any tartar. This proves to me that zero waste toothpaste and toothbrushes work just fine too. I can’t guarantee you anything but I am personally convinced. After that I went to school to do some homework. My school has two locations, one in Enschede and one in Deventer (where I go to school). When I do some homework I go to the school in Enschede since I live there too. Once I got home I watched another documentary. It was amazing and I will share it soon.


A fun day! First the usual, work in the morning. But then family came by for my birthday, again! We went out to eat sushi all together at Blue Shakura in Enschede. My dad organized it. It was a lot of fun and soooo delicious. They have enough vegetarian options for me and a lot of other things for everyone else. I think everybody was happy. Experiences over stuff, right?


Today was the first official handball match of the season! We compete one class higher this year, first class (if you can name it that in English too, I don’t know). My boyfriend also came by to watch the game, which was sweet because I barely ever invite anyone. We played well and won the game by 14-11! The first two points of the season. Then my boyfriend and I went to Bar Celona in Enschede. They had a vegan option on the menu, serve tap water and loose tea and serve disposables on the side so that you can choose whether you want to use them or not. The food was good but the service was horrible, it took ages.

Weekly diary #12


Currently I am free from school on Mondays and so I work at my part-time job in the supermarket all day. Then I watched the ‘mockumentary’ The Majestic Plastic Bag. It is a funny video that only lasts 4 minutes, but the subject is not funny at all. It’s about a plastic bag flowing around and ending up in the ocean. After dinner today I went to Sanquin to donate blood. I signed up for it when I turned 18 and may donate 3 times each year. It makes me feel really good knowing that I can help someone else. You can save lives by donating blood you know. I thought it would be painful but I felt like it wasn’t bad at all. Besides donating blood, you can also donate organs or stem cells (I am a donor for those two things too). Read this post if you want to learn more about all those things. You could save so many lives.

Weekly diary #12


I would like to take this moment to speak to everybody who uses trains. Please, when a train arrives, give room to people to get out first. Thanks. When I got to school today I realized how much I love it. When you work (which I only do on Mondays and Saturdays) you really appreciate school. I love learning anyway, so I’m at the right place there. Working has its perks too. If you’re done, you are really done. When you go to school you are barely ever free, there’s always homework and assignments. Sometimes it’s stressful but I try to chill.


Another day of school and I learned a lot. Paper cups which are often brought up as a solution to plastic cups are not entirely made out of paper. They contain plastic too because otherwise the drinks would run right through them. This makes them even harder to recycle. A reusable cup is the best option. But I also learned something positive. There are floors designed to generate energy. Those turn body warmth into energy. Really cool! I wish they had this at bars and festivals. I was at school till 18:00 today and so I felt like a die-hard student. But that was because I want to take time for other things tomorrow and the day after.

Yours sincerely,

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