Weekly diary #13; an e-mail from Greenpeace!

Weekly diary #13

Welcome to another new weekly diary, fresh off the press! For once I wasn’t lost in Amsterdam, I received a great e-mail from Greenpeace and I bought some secondhand clothes this past week. Here’s weekly diary #13.


In my weekly diary from last week you’ve read that today was going to be a fun day. I did all my homework yesterday and the day before and so today I was free to go to Amsterdam together with my boyfriend. His brother lives there together with his girlfriend. We were invited to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday (which had past in June). I like late presents, this way they’re spread out throughout the year. We went to dinner to Wagamama. Noodles! They had a lot of vegetarian options and I loved it. The food was served quite fast, but it was delicious! I can really recommend it. I liked eating with sticks too. It makes you eat quite slow and so then you enjoy the food more. I want to buy some myself too, for at home. The rest of the night we spend eating and drinking at a terrace. It was a fun night! Below you can see the amazing chocolate fudge pie I had that night.


After a good night of sleep in Amsterdam, we went out to buy some breakfast at Albert Heijn. I love that, I can pick whatever I want right then and there. We bought some good sandwiches and had breakfast. Once full we went into the city center of Amsterdam again to go shopping and sight seeing. Normally I feel like a lost sheep in Amsterdam, but this time we went together with two people who know the city very well and so I didn’t feel lost at all. We first did the usual, the touristic Kalverstraat and such. But then we went some other places where they had a lot of thrift shops. We first went to Episode, where I maybe spend an hour even. I bought a pants and a t-shirt. Episode is a little expensive because they sell a lot of brands. The pants I bought was a Levi’s and so it was 30 euros. The last few times I bought secondhand pants they cost me 2 or 3 euros and so this felt expensive. A day of shopping but buying nothing new? Check! Afterwards we went to the Vegan Junk Food Bar for dinner. Oh my, that place is heaven. Vegan junk food, it can’t get any better. I rate this place a 10/10, it’s perfect. You have to visit this place, for real. After dinner we also went to the Casino for a while. I was an amazing day.


This morning I got up early again, even though it we got home late yesterday. That’s because I had to work at the Military, a gigantic international horse event in Boekelo. I work in the catering, so I have nothing to do with the horses. However, I do see them coming by every once in a while. I don’t really know what I think of horse riding right now. I am against using animals for entertainment. So maybe this is one of those forms too. Last year a horse fell and it had to be killed right then and there. I thought it was horrible. I haven’t made my mind up just yet. Maybe I don’t support this. Afterwards I ran through the rain to make it to the bus. I had a handball game too so I was in a hurry. I eventually made it just in time, but we lost the game. Bummer.

Update 27-11-2020: I am against horse riding now and I wrote a post about that.


I have a day off. And really off. No work, no handball, no school, no homework. What am I supposed to do now? Haha just kidding. I had planned a Skype-conversation with a friend who currently lives in Australia for an internship, but it was called off. I received a great e-mail from Greenpeace too. In June I had signed up to becoming an activist, a little step further than just being a volunteer. I want to do it. You know, being on the scene, tying yourself to trees, following whale hunters and all those things. Since June I hadn’t heard from them but now I did. There had been a communication error. But! Next year I can do the training to become an activist. I am excited!


I can’t tell you many new things on Mondays, since I work from 7 AM till 5 PM. But today I did sell a computer game and three books on Marktplaats (the Dutch E-bay). I have been selling a lot, but I find myself having so much stuff still. I have been decluttering for a while now and so that really shows how much I own. But that’s okay. Decluttering is a proces and I’ll never be done with it. And I want to get rid of everything in a responsible way and so it takes a little longer. I could be done quickly and throw it all into the trash, but that’s not okay. At night I went to my boyfriend in Harderwijk.


Today it’s Sustainability Day. A lot of sustainability bloggers pay attention to this subject and I think that’s great. The book that people share the most is The Hidden Impact and I’m going to read it too. It’s about the picture below, the tip 10 of the average Dutch person. Very interesting! School started again today and it was a bit much. The past weekend and working day have been exhausting. However, next week is the last week of school already so I can’t really complain. I am on track for every course and so I am quite proud of myself. Also, I finished a book I’ll share more about soon and I picked a new one up from the library. I always go by the magazine section if I have time. Today I saw a magazine of ‘Genoeg’ and guess what? Bea Johnson was in there. It felt really cool, since I’ve been to a lecture of her recently. I read some more magazines since I really love taking the time to chill in the library sometimes. I prefer reading them online, since that’s least wasteful and so I never buy magazines myself. But in the library it’s okay to physically read them. They’re already there and so I might as well read them. The best thing would be if they would be available online in the library.


I got up at 6AM today and got dressed. But then I realized the first class from today was cancelled! I got back into my bed and slept till 10 AM. Lovely! When I arrived at the train station there had been a suicide. It’s always horrible. Dad says it’s the time of the year too, suicide rates are higher now. I luckily could go by bus instead of train to school. I was a bit late though, but well. It took a lot longer and so I finished a book in one ride. It’s a tiny Dutch book though ‘Boekje waar je blij van wordt’ by Guido Weijers. A lot of fun! After school I picked up another book again at the library, this goes fast! Dad cooked us a great dish from the Vegalicious book again today. I am now finishing this weekly diary and then I’m going to Harderwijk again, to my boyfriend. See you next week!

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Zoek je nog eetstokjes :p ? Ik heb er echt suuuuperveel en wij gebruiken ze echt niet allemaal. We kunnen dus eventueel wel een setje of twee missen 😉 Wij hebben ook altijd een setje eetstokjes in onze tas, voor het geval er geen bestek is ergens (of i.p.v. wegwerpeetstokjes gebruiken).

    1. Ik ben op zoek naar eetstokjes van roestvrij staal! Heb je die toevallig ook? Maar wat jij doet wil ik dus ook, altijd handig om het bij je te hebben en zo kan ik wegwerpstokjes weigeren!

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