Weekly diary #14; I went to an Energy Trade Fair

Hi! This past week I shared a post about my new low (plastic) waste concealer, went to an Energy Trade Fair and I felt like a real stay-at-home person. Here’s weekly diary #14.


Yesterday I went to my boyfriend very late at night. It gets dark early these days and so it felt like I arrived at 4 AM. I don’t like it. Today I was going to an Energy Trade Fair in Den Bosch. I feel like a good and active student, since I was doing some field research for the course Sustainable Accommodation. This Energy Trade Fair was about sustainable energy and it was a lot of fun! I saw a lot of solar panels, batteries and even Tesla’s! I felt like an information junkie. There is so much to learn about sustainable energy. I really enjoyed the lectures they gave too. They give you an insight in a possible future and that’s so exciting! On the fair it all felt normal, sustainable energy. But then when I get back to Enschede (my hometown), there’s so much to do still. I can’t do that much now, I don’t own a house. But I am prepared for the future! I do think it’s a combination of sustainability and minimalism. The less solar panels you need, the better. These things take resources and resources are scarce. After the fair my boyfriend and I also went into the city center of Den Bosch. We had lunch and on the picture you can see what I had, a vegetarian haloumi bowl. I had high expectations, but you see that green sauce? When I ordered the bowl I didn’t know it was wasabi-mayonnaise and so I put it all over the bowl. I hated the mayonnaise and so I ruined the entire poké Bowl.


A day off and I had to sleep. I slept till noon. That has been a while. I also had a photoshoot with my nieces and brother today. We wanted to make a photo for our grandma, it’s almost her birthday. She only has old pictures from us. It was fun and we’re happy with the end result! It was a good day.


I had a morning shift from 7 AM till noon. Last week, I had a good meeting at work last and so we’re al excited to work again. I saw that our supermarket had expanded the vegetarian meat section again and that made me very happy. I hope I get to experience that the proportions are different. Most is vegan, a very tiny meal meat (even better: no meat at all). I believe that day will come. The soy yoghurt was in sale too, that’s always good too. I bought some. My dad taught me that I should look at what’s in sale. The sale is different each week and so you eat something else each week he says. I think it makes sense, you also don’t have to think so hard about what you’re going to eat. The weather was warm today so my dad and I went walking to grandma and grandma. I do worry about this though, it is not supposed to be warm this time of the year. Climate Change. On our way we even bought ice-cream! Did you know that every ice-cream shop has vegan options? I used to think you had to go to special vegan shops for it, but that’s not true. You just have to ask for it and then they’ll tell you which flavours are vegan. I made this switch, it’s very easy to slowly go vegan this way.


Today I played a handball match again. We lost by 12-13. That sucks. It really sucks. Afterwards I also was a referee in another match. I like being a referee. It’s my way of volunteering. After handball I went trash picking with a friend again. Even more volunteering, yay! I got a message from someone saying that I am an example. I wanted to share it here because it’s the best compliment I could ever get. Not to brag, haha. We can all be examples, we just have to try.


I was rested after this weekend. When the alarm ran at 6:15 AM I didn’t even cringe. I worked from 7 AM till 5 PM again. It was good day but I was a little bummed I missed the good weather today, even though it’s not normal to be this warm. Today a new blogpost appeared on here, about low (plastic) waste concealer. It feels really good to keep taking small steps towards a zero waste lifestyle. I get new energy again too. After work I did some chores and watched Grey’s Anatomy. You haven’t heard this before, but I’m addicted to that show. I’m currently watching season 14! I started about 3 years ago and then I had 13 seasons left. Now I have to wait every week for a new episode, that sucks haha. Shonda Rhymes (who came up with the narrative) has made me laugh, cry and so much more. I really bonded with the characters in 3 years haha! Okay, this sounds crazy but it’s the truth.


The first class was cancelled again and so I was able to sleep a little longer. The class was for questions form the students and only one question has been send in. By me haha! I went to school a little later and in the train I read ‘Is daar iemand?’. It’s a Dutch book about the influence of smartphones on our daily lives. Eventually the book showcased the amount of influence companies like Facebook or Apple have on our lives. I found it interesting. The second class of school was boring as hell and I couldn’t concentrate. At night I had handball training, always good to empty my mind.

Weekly diary #14


The second result of the quarter had been announced. I got 11/12 points. Yes, that made me really happy! An assignment group member and I went to work on our next assignment, really motivated. After school I went to grandma, it was her birthday. She didn’t want to celebrate it but I did show up anyway, I didn’t want to miss it. At night I worked, which I almost never do on Wednesdays.

Yours sincerely,

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