Weekly diary #15; I went to the sauna

Hi, great that you’re here to take another look at my weekly diary. This past week I went to dinner for my birthday twice, my holiday started and I went the sauna! Here’s weekly diary #15.


Another day where I went to school, it’s the last day of school! Yess, that feels great. Everyone call me crazy for thinking this is a holiday because we actually have a week off to prepare for exams. But I am well prepared and so I only have to revise everything I learned every day for about 1,5 hours. The rest of day I am free! I did mention at work that I want to work more and so the first week I will work about 40 hours (did I say holiday?). Today we had the final class of Sustainable Accommodation. We all had to present a final idea and one group came up with ‘Bring Your Own’ shop, hello zero waste! I loved it. After school I walked with music in my earn and the wind in my back to the station. Byeeee, school!

Weekly diary #15
Today I saw these zero waste walnuts at Jumbo. Zero waste groceries are everywhere.


The first day of the holiday, what I going to do with all this free time? Haha, just kidding, I have enough to do. I had a whole plan, but it didn’t work out. After I slept for as long as I wanted, danced while getting dressed (holiday-vibe), went walking with mom and our sweetest Darco (French Bulldog), it was already time to pick up my boyfriend. I decided to skip the plans, it is a holiday, right? My boyfriend and I went into the city center. Mom had given me some money to buy some meat replacers, hmm. Therefore, I went to a big Jumbo, they have a lot of choice. Eventually I bought vegetarian steak tartare, pate, fish sticks and some soy yoghurt from Alpro. I like the vanilla flavor a lot, but they don’t sell that flavor at the store where my parents buy our groceries. I also bought a brace for handball. 0,89 euros at the Action. Surprised? Yes, so am I. I almost never buy anything at Action (or anything new), but I couldn’t find a sustainable brand which sold braces. I do need one to prevent abrasions (I fall down a lot when playing handball). And since I couldn’t buy it sustainable, I bought the cheapest I could find. The team also wanted to buy new spare outfits, from Hummel (a brand). We only use them when the opposing team has yellow outfits too and we’re not playing at home. They’re made out of polyester so I am not happy. But I couldn’t refuse it since the whole team wanted it. I did manage to convince them that I could keep my own pants and so I’ll only receive a new shirt. Most of my sports clothing is made out polyester. I am using them up but I wouldn’t buy new polyester (only secondhand maybe). For dinner we went to De Pan in Oldenzaal for my birthday (yes, it took a while haha). It is an All You Can Eat concept and so there is something for everyone who came. For me enough vegetarian and vegan options!


Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Harderwijk by train since we’ll spend the weekend there. That almost never happens because I usually have a handball match and work. This weekend I have neither. The soccer game from my boyfriend was also cancelled and so we slept till late. Afterwards we worked on a few bikes he had in the shed. I have been looking for a secondhand slot for on my bike. I have been looking online, but it’s hard to find. One of the old bikes which was going to go to the dump had a lock on it and so we took it off. It will go onto my bike! That night I also went out for dinner with some friends from my boyfriend (he had to work) and we went to the bar where he works afterwards. It was a fun night, I slept at 7 AM! In Harderwijk you can’t get anything to eat after the bars close at 3 AM, super weird. Luckily this is not the case in Enschede.


A day of sleeping long and doing not that much. Lovely! I even had pancakes for breakfast, it can’t get better. At night I went home by train again. I read this article from a fellow blogger about a scandal at H&M. They burn clothes which they can’t sell! I don’t buy at H&M because it is fast fashion, but I do sometimes hand in clothes for them to recycle if I can’t sell it myself. I’m not doing this any longer, if they consider burning clothes as recycling. And even if they don’t burn those clothes, they burn something and so I won’t bring my belongings to them anymore. Byeeee.


I went home yesterday because I had to work from 7 AM till 5 PM again today. I like to work more during holidays because then I can save some money. After a 10-hours shift I am quite tired and I don’t do much at night. I did however plant my cauliflower seeds into the garden. They were starting to grow bigger. The rest of the night I spend on the couch as usual.


I had to work at noon. I got amazing news at work, I can stay! My contract was about to end but I got a new indefinitely contract. That made my day! During dinner I tried the vegan fish sticks I had bought and I think this is the best meat replacer I’ve had so far. I don’t know if I remember it well, but this tastes like actual fish. My brother and mom tried them and have the same opinion. So if you’re making the transition to a vegan diet, try these. They’re a good option. Yes, meat replacers are packed in plastic and so not zero waste but they’re one of the exceptions I made on plastic. Maybe I can make them myself too, but I have to do some research first. For now it makes no sense to do it because my parents don’t buy zero waste groceries. Maybe when I live by myself. That night I had handball training again and afterwards I went to my boyfriend in Harderwijk.

Weekly diary #15


Today I went to the sauna. Oh my, that’s so good! I got this and a dinner afterwards from my boyfriend for my birthday. I prefer experiences over stuff. It was an amazing day! I even got a hot stone massage from my in-laws and we also did a hot infusion. For dinner we went to Gabriele, an Italian restaurant. My main course was vegan, I asked for it. For desserts they had no vegan options and so I skipped that. I am quite proud of myself! Afterwards we went for drinks in the city center. I usually have Baileys, it’s my favorite drink. But since that’s not vegan I’m switching to Amaretto. I wish every day could be like today!

Yours sincerely,

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