Weekly diary #16; I’ve gone vegan

Hi! After the way too late weekly diary last week, I am right on time this week with a new one. The past week I sold some stuff one Marktplaats (the Dutch e-bay), I discovered a great Youtube-account and I finally went fully vegan! Weekly diary #16.


I was waaaay to late with updating the weekly diary of last week so I was busy doing that in the morning. Sorry about that!


Today I went to dinner at Blue Shakura again with friends after work. The last time I really liked this place, I then ate vegetarian still. But this time I looked at whether they had enough vegan options as well and they didn’t. The allergens aren’t shown and that makes it hard to see what’s inside of the sushi. The descriptions said things like: with a delicious sauce. Well … So, maybe I had mayonnaise a few times but I am not even sure. I gave two of lipglosses away to a friend time I couldn’t stand them but I didn’t want to throw them away. After dinner I ordered an Amaretto again, my new favorite vegan drink.


Another 10-hours shift at work, just like yesterday. After work I went to a handball match. Unfortunately, we lost again with 1 point. Just like last week. It sucks to lose, but losing this way sucks even more. We could’ve won. Well, better luck next time. A few people from the team went out to party afterwards but I was very tired and so I had a date with my bed.


Today I had something fun planned: a Skype session with our friend group. This doesn’t seem special, but two people from the group are in Malta and Australia. It was fun like always! I am looking forward to the time when we’re all living in Enschede again. But on the other hand they made me very enthusiastic about traveling the world myself. I read something about someone who went to China by bike, that seems amazing! The rest of the day I watched videos from The Messy Minimalist, I found her via Minimalist Dutchie. I love the channel! Somehow I love seeing other people declutter. But the amount of stuff this person owns, jeeee. I would recommend the channel! Today I tried the vegan steak tartar I bought a while ago for the first time. I loved it! Especially the structure is really good. I tried one from Vivera a while back too, but I think this is my new favorite since it’s vegan. That night I went to a firework show at the fair with my brother and step-dad. Right now, I am not really against firework, but I would never buy it myself. It’s like blowing up your money and making a lot of waste.


For now I’d say that this is the last Monday that I work the entire day since I don’t know my school schedule for the coming weeks. After work I made a big decision. I am going vegan! In the past weekly diaries you’ve read that I really try to eat vegan, but it doesn’t always work out. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two years and I don’t find it hard at all. But going vegan is a little challenge. I feel like that’s because I identify myself as vegetarian and so people assume I eat everything else. By making this decision and really ‘coming out’ as a vegan, I hope to change that. I discussed it with my parents and they are really not happy with it and don’t understand. That’s okay, it’s a process. Since no-one else in the family eats vegan it’s going to be a challenge. We made a deal: I am going to cook myself dinner. We all think it’s the best option for now. Mom doesn’t know how to cook vegan (and she’s the one who always cooks in our household) and so I always wanted to wait with the vegan diet until I left the house. But I can’t ignore my personal ideals any longer. I want this. I feel like I have come out as a vegan now and that will make things easier. How it’ll go, that’s something you’ll read the coming weeks. I did make a little exception. I only eat vegan at home or in restaurants right now. When I visit other people I am not going to demand they make me something vegan, I don’t feel like doing that right now.


Waking up at 10 AM and being home-alone, I love it. I turn up the radio and get dressed. For breakfast I had vegan pate. This was just as good as the vegan steak tartar, I love it! I was free from school today, but I still did some school work and that felt good. After noon I went into the city center to send a package. I sold a decoration piece I had in my room because I want more green in my room and so I’m getting rid of some decoration and replacing it with plants. Therefore, I went to a lot of stores to look around. I get inspiration from the stores, but I don’t buy anything and that feels good. No share for me in this whole treadmill of buying, buying, buying. I also took a picture at the market because they have a lot of zero waste groceries as you can see.


Another day off from work and school. I went to get some groceries with dad and did some school work. After that I looked at the political debate about the coalition agreement. I haven’t read it, but I plan on doing so. Politics are very interesting if you ask me! I also watched some more videos of the Messy Minimalist. And someone came to pick up a DVD I had sold online! For dinner dad and I made sushi. I love sushi! Unfortunately I can’t make sushi zero waste. But I can make it vegan! Cucumber, avocado, carrot, bean sprouts, fried onions. Especially the fried onions are great in there! But lately, I am also looking into living palm oil free. Palm oil destroys forests (but the number 1 deforestation cause is livestock farming!). I try to avoid it but it is harder than I thought. The fried onions I ate had palm oil in them. However, I learn every day!


Yours sincerely,

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  1. Wat leuk dat je nu veganistisch wilt leven! Dat is echt een grote stap voor jezelf maar zeker ook voor het milieu. Ik probeer ook al langer meer veganistisch te eten en het lukt steeds beter 🙂 Het is ook echt fijn dat je geen fast fashion koopt! Neem eens een kijkje op mijn blog, ik koop al langer ook maar vintage en tweedehandskleren 🙂
    Hannah van easypeasy-vintage.de

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