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Hi, great that you’re here! The past week I made a Twitter account, made use of the ‘Doe maar lekker duurzaam!’ (‘Do it sustainable!’) action from the Albert Heijn and I had a lof new inspiration after a TEDx livestream. Here’s weekly diary #17.


I woke up before my alarm and that’s always nice. Now I feel rested. I worked on my business plan once again. I finally set a date to launch it. The first of Januari is going to be the day. There. Now that I stated it here I have to live up to it. So, stay tuned! There was another political debate on tv about the coalition agreement and I watched it again. I’m starting to really like politics. After handball training that night I went to my boyfriend in Harderwijk by train.


When I woke up, it was 11:30 AM! But the clock was set back one hour this night and so it’s officially 10:30 AM. Today I went to a TEDx livestream in Harderwijk. I love a day of new inspiration! The fun thing is that I don’t get to choose the subjects and so I learn about things I normally wouldn’t have. When I watch documentaries or books, I choose the subjects. Today I learned things about different subjects and that made it a lot of fun. And they had vegan pumpkin soup, also amazing!


I went to bed at 1 AM and got up at 6 AM, that wasn’t such a good idea. But I had to work at 7 AM and so there we went, till 5 PM. Afterwards I spend the night on our couch watching Are You The One? all day. I love that show and I could binge it every day. It sounds very fake and superstitious and it probably is. But, I do love to watch it. It’s season 6 already! If you think I only watch documentaries, you’re wrong haha. I sometimes like simple, superstitious things too.


It was time to be a referee at multiple handball matches again. Sometimes coaches get really angry when they lose and so today wasn’t such a good day. Better luck next time! I also played myself, but we lost again just by 2 points. 15-17. After the game I went to do some groceries at Albert Heijn. Mom had won coupons with which you can buy organic and vegan food. It took me an hour because you can’t plan it, only in the store itself you can see what you can buy. I’m also busy with reading labels since I don’t know what’s vegan and what’s not yet. Below you can see what I purchased. Almost everything is organic and all of it is vegan. Somehow this trip has also inspired for making vlogs. I would like to do that someday.



Today I didn’t work for the first time. I had a class at school for a resit I have this Wednesday. This is the first theoretical test I didn’t pass. I was sick for 10 days before the test so that was fine. But then the second time I didn’t pass it either. Today this class really helped. I also registered on Twitter today. I just felt like it’s a great platform. And then I thought, why not? I can be a little impulsive sometimes. Anyhow, from now on you can follow me on Twitter if you want. But if you follow these weekly diaries I think you’re also good haha. After dinner I had a meeting from the handball club. I signed up to be the volunteer for the Facebookpage this year. It feels good to do something back.


Today I had two deadlines for school. One of them I handed in yesterday and the second one this morning. I never really struggle with deadlines because I start early with these things. So since I was free for this day I went to the local library. Since a new month has started there are new magazines available. It’s funny since most people who sit in the library with me to read are people who are over 70. I picked a lot of books which I took home.



Time for my resit! Aaaaand, I nailed it. At least I think so. If I didn’t pass it this time I don’t know what I should do anymore. Time to study for the next one, which is tomorrow. And great news! My dad also received such a coupon to spend at Albert Heijn for organic or vegan food. He gave it to me and I had to do groceries for dinner. But it was a disaster. When I got to the store the card wasn’t activated. I went home to do it again and went back to the store. Still nothing. I was advised to call to the company. I went home and called. No, it is activated they said. I went back to the store and still nothing. Maybe another Albert Heijn? Went to that store. Nope, still nothing. I was quite irritated in the end. You get something for free but then it doesn’t work and therefore I spend hours of my time. But! I do find it important to always stay friendly to personnel. They can’t help it either. That’s very important to remember!

Oh and something I wanted to share. I got an e-mail from Greenpeace, the new energy list has come online, you can see it here. In this list you can see very easily how sustainable energy companies are, they are rated from a 1 to a 10. 10 is very sustainable, 1 is not at all.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Supermarkten vinden het niet echt leuk als je foto’s staat te maken, dus ik weet ook niet of ze een vlog in de supermarkt wel toestaan :O

    Ik moet trouwens eerlijk zeggen dat ik liever stukjes lees dan video’s kijk, want lezen kun je ook zonder geluid doen.

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